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Miller Sounclash
Miller Sounclash

Over the next few weeks we’ll be profiling the Miller SoundClash finalists; getting to know the DJs who will be flying to Las Vegas to compete for a chance to play alongside Dannic at Drais! Today we are speaking with the entry from Panama, Ritmo Equis!

Tell us in one sentence who you are and where are you from?
I'm the one and only Rhythm X A.K.A. Ritmo Equis, live and directly from Panama City.

Where did your love of music first come from?
My love of music was born since I can remember, my cousin used to wake me up early in the mornings and we would listen to the radio, all of the different genres - Rock, Pop, Reggae & Ballads of the 80s I loved them all immediately!

How long have you been DJing?
Since 2007

Do you produce music also?
No, but I have plans to. I am researching about Ableton and i'm planning...

What’s been the highlight of your career so far?
The opportunity to be selected to open the show of some of the biggest DJs in my Country. I have opened for 311, Face to Face, DJ Lord (Public Enemy) and A-Trak to name a few.

How does it feel to win your local Miller SoundClash competition? Tell us about your experience in the competition so far.
This is so amazing, because everyone knows I take this very seriously. The art of Djing has been trampled, so I am working very hard to let people know that DJing is a very serious job. So if have the opportunity to represent my country in a very important contest, people will be happy.

How much does it mean to you to have made it to this stage of Miller SoundClash?
There are a lot of people who wanted to be there, it means a lot to me to be one of the chosen finalists.

How do you plan to stand out over the other DJs in Las Vegas? How will you be preparing for the finale?
Some Djs are scared to make bad mixes between their tracks or maybe they think they need to play hits to make people dance or jump, that’s predictable. My plan is to use good tracks, with great quality, use different techniques that some people will not dare to use. Last but the most important, I will enjoy the party!

What makes you unique compared to the other international finalists?
Im a turntablist Dj, my weapons are 2 Technics 1200's and a mixer. I grew up listening to Rock, Pop, HipHop, Reggae, BreakBeats, House Music, Electro, scratches, dust, heavy crates of records, I organize parties so, I understand the music in different ways. I am a very experienced DJ.

Las Vegas is the EDM capital of the USA, with major DJs playing every weekend. If you could meet and hang out with one of these DJs in Vegas, who would it be and why?
The 90s/2000s era was the most representative era to me in electronic music, if I have the opportunity to talk to somebody it would probably be a DJ who used to play in the era of no controllers. I would love to meet Danny Tenaglia, Masters at Work, A-Trak, DJ Craze, Dimitri from Paris, Carl Cox, Erick Morillo, Eddie Amador, DJ Sneak, Paul Oakenfold, Nick Warren, Darren Emerson, John Digweed and many more!

Who from dance music’s elite do you most respect and take inspiration from?
The Chemical Brothers, these guys make music with distortion and noise, it is something to admire forever!!! 

How important is it for competitions like Miller SoundClash to give aspiring DJs the chance to show their talent to the world?
This is very cool, it's important because Miller Genuine Draft push artists to the next level. This will give color to the Electronic Scene. Competition is good!

Tell us a bit about your home country - how is the electronic music scene where you are from?
Panama is a very special place! The last 4 years a lot of festivals have taken place here. It is good because famous DJs come here and help grow up the movement. A lot of people who used to hate electronic music now understand it and they like it. There is an underground movement too, the deep house sound is taking this to the next level.

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