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Jonas Kopp

Non Virtual Reality

Jonas Kopp - Non Virtual Reality
‘This album,’ reads the introductory blurb to Jonas Kopp's third long-player, ‘was created to be a quantum frequency shuttle immersed in an individual experience from the subconscious to a collective consciousness unified to a high frequency of light.’ No, us neither, but all credit to the Argentinean producer, at least there's some thought gone into it, even if it is all a bit baffling. Following two previous long-form forays on the legendary Tresor, 'Non Virtual Reality', on Madrid's Semantica, is a complex morass of bleak ambience, rough-hewn frequencies, rich, electronic textures and murky soundscapes. It's not for everyone, granted, but jump on board Kopp's quantum frequency shuttle, and you can't help but be impressed by how 'all in' he's gone on this leftfield conceptual journey.