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Premiere: Ariel Zetina ‘Channel’

Premiere: Ariel Zetina ‘Channel’

Chicago’s Smart Bar resident Ariel Zetina steps up on femme culture with an EP inspired by “the rhythms of putting on makeup”. Hear the acid-tinged happy hardcore cut, ‘Channel’ now


Ariel Zetina will release her new EP, ‘MUAs At The End Of The World’ via femme culture on 21st February.

The Smart Bar Chicago resident recently featured as one of DJ Mag’s artists to watch for 2020, so seeing her teaming up with our Best Of British Breakthrough Label winner from 2018 for this release feels like a match made in heaven. 

The five-track EP is, according to Zetina, inspired by “the rhythms of putting on makeup and the perception of makeup as armor, barrier, stealth; makeup as a method for passing for trans women (and the politics of what it means to pass for a cis woman in general).” 

From the buoyant, percussive techno of ‘Eyeshadow Fallout’ and ‘Vanity 7’ to the elegant and syncopated ‘Bombshell’ and ‘Compact Mirrors’, it’s a typically inventive and energised collection from the producer. Nowhere is that energy more evident than on ‘Channel’, a high-speed happy hardcore riot with a blazing acid lead, a makeover tutorial sample and elements of Belizean punta music. Check it out below. We dare you to sit still for the duration.

Pre-order ‘MUAs At The End Of The World’ here

Photo credit: Anneasha Hogan
Makeup: Daphne