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Premiere: An Avrin 'Pearce Deers'

Premiere: An Avrin 'Pearce Deers'

After making his debut via Scuffed Recordings on a compilation in 2019, London-based producer An Avrin will return to the imprint with a solo EP. Hear the glitched percussion and razor-sharp synth stabs on 'Pearce Deers' now

An Avrin will release a four-track EP next month.

After making his debut via Ian DPM's Scuffed Recordings on the label's third compilation last year, London-based producer An Avrin will return to Scuffed with four-track EP, 'Clodhopper'.

With early support from the likes of Emerald, O'Flynn and Peach, the 'Clodhopper' EP consists of four percussion-led productions, with the Bandcamp release also including an exclusive download in the form of breaks-heavy '££y'.

'Pearce Deers' opens the EP with glitching percussion and kicks, before synth stabs and abrasive pads morph the track into a dark dancefloor heater.

Listen to 'Pearce Deers' below and pre-order the EP, which is out July 3rd, here.