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Premiere: Cleaverhype 'COTL 2'

Premiere: Cleaverhype 'COTL 2'

Edinburgh-based DJ and producer Cleaverhype serves up three tracks from the dark side of 140 on 'COTL - EP'. Listen to the amen-breaks and grimey atmospherics of 'COTL 2' now

Cleaverhype will drop a three-track EP later this month.

The latest in a string of releases on Cleaverhype's own SKOOP label, 'COTL' — an acronym of Children Of The Lie — presents three tracks that explore the darker side of 140 from the Edinburgh producer.

Out on Friday 13th December, 'COTL 2', taken from the EP, is an ice-cold cut built on rolling amen breaks and venomous grime synth stabs. But don't sleep on the other tracks, which vary the arrangements while keeping the same savage palette. This really is all killer.

Listen to 'COTL 2' below and pre-order the EP here.