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Premiere: Clouds ‘Parkzicht (MPIA3 Master System Version)’

Premiere: Clouds ‘Parkzicht (MPIA3 Master System Version)’

Clouds ready their most ambitious work to date, dystopian concept album, ‘Heavy The Eclipse’. Ahead of its release in November, MPIA3 (Truss) drops a behemoth remix of lead single, ‘Parkzicht’...

Clouds ‘Parkzicht (MPIA3 Master System Version)’
Clouds ‘Parkzicht (MPIA3 Master System Version)’

On 23rd November, Scottish techno innovators and incomparable DJs Clouds will release their most ambitious work to date via Electric Deluxe. ‘Heavy The Eclipse’, a concept album set in a dystopian Glasgow 400 years into the future, is comprised of 3 LPs, 14 tracks and a whole lot of noise.

"After numerous waves of social collapse," the album’s press release reads, "Glasgow, a once prosperous city thriving off an industry of trade and shipbuilding, had run to waste in lawless ruin. The land passed into the hands of new owners; a German-speaking conglomerate, who incorporated it into a new civic entity: Neurealm.

“There were grand promises of a new age; a rail network, culture facilities, new life for the city. Neurealm never came to be. The violent indifference of the citizens to the new order saw to that. In its place a rats nest of horror and gloom, the damp ruins punctuated by strobe lights, and the desperate, ecstatic violence of the gangs that rule it.”

And that just scratches the surface detail of the duo’s worldbuilding for this album. A whole website has been launched featuring stark illustrations and an in-depth plot to accompany the intense tracklist.

So far, Clouds have only shared ‘Parkzicht’ from ‘Heavy The Eclipse’. A fast-paced, cavernous techno colossus, the original mix of the track nodded to the duo’s fondness for hardcore while incorporating a spectral, melodic edge akin to Vangelis’ timeless Blade Runner soundtrack.

Now, to tide us over until the album drops, MPIA3 AKA Truss has stepped in with a remix of ‘Parkzicht’. Set for release on 19th October, ‘Parkzicht’ (MPIA3 Master System Version)’ is accompanied by ‘Eclipser (Neurealm Ultra Signal)’.

MPIA3’s remix doesn’t stray too far from the original, but rather adds an even more ferocious – if you can imagine it – energy to the cut with panicked breaks, noisy bursts and layer upon layer of unhinged percussion. Suitably dystopian, suitably aggressive, suitably massive.

Check it out below.

Pre-order ‘Heavy The Eclipse’ here.