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Premiere: Corroid ‘Wenn eine Maschine (Jasmine Azarian Remix)’

Corroid is next up on JoeFarr's User Experience label with a five-track selection of techno demolition. Jasmine Azarian’s remix of ‘Wenn eine Maschine’ is headscramblingly relentless…

Jasmine Azarian premiere dj mag
Jasmine Azarian premiere dj mag

Corroid will release his new EP on JoeFarr’s ever-consistent User Experience label. Set to drop on 31st October, it’s a five-track selection of brutal techno heat.

The young German producer steps up for the label’s eighth release with three original cuts as well as being joined by two of Ireland’s most ferocious techno producers. Myler and now Berlin-based Jasmine Azarian deliver two typically brainscrambling remixes of ‘Nach ihr der Bunker’ and ‘Wenn eine Maschine’ respectively.

Azarian, one of the founders of MOTZ, serves up a rework of Corroid’s track that pulls zero punches. Harsh, distorted bursts of noise slam and swerve on top of a very-much-so-in-the-red backdrop before a tense breakdown leads into a harrowing peak. Check it out below.

Pre-order 'UX 008' here.