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Premiere: dBridge 'Austin ARB-6'

Premiere: dBridge 'Austin ARB-6'

Tasha's Neighbourhood label presents its fifth release in the form of 'The Hive : Volume 1'. Listen to dBridge's swirling, sci-fi take on UK techno, 'Austin ARB-6', now

© Khali Ackford 2018 _ Dbridge9.jpg
© Khali Ackford 2018 _ Dbridge9.jpg

dBridge will feature on the forthcoming Neighbourhood compilation, 'The Hive : Volume 1'.

DJ, producer and promoter Tasha, whos Neighbourhood parties are coming up to their 10th anniversary, celebrates the party and label's milestone with a collaborative release featuring the likes of Ben Sims, Cadans, and Tasha herself, alongside Kamikaze Space Programme. 

With a vision to share forward-thinking, boundary-breaking electronic music, 'The Hive : Volume 1' journeys through a variety of takes on UK techno, from the downward spiral through a vortex of drums and percussive noise with Reflec on 'Caves', to Roberto's more classic sounding staple 'Foto'.

dBridge's track, 'Austin ARB-6', makes for a perfect start to the VA compilation. Swirling, spaced-out synths and sci-fi sound effects float above a hypnotic four-four beat on the producer's otherwordly techno contribution.

Listen to 'Austin ARB-6' below. 'The Hive : Volume 1' will be available to purchase from Neighbourhood's bandcamp.

On 4th October, Neighbourhood are throwing a The Hive launch party in London's The Glove That Fits. For more info and tickets for that, click here

(Photo: Khali Ackford)