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Premiere: J Colleran ‘2Hydra (ft. Nami Sato)’

Premiere: J Colleran ‘2Hydra (ft. Nami Sato)’

J Colleran launches his new Oyae label with a five track EP of sensational sound design and weightless ambience. Hear ‘2Hydra (ft. Nami Sato)’ now

J Colleran EP01 front final artwork.jpg
J Colleran EP01 front final artwork.jpg

Irish experimental and ambient producer J Colleran has launched a new label, Oyae. 

Kicking off the label with an EP of his own, the RBMA graduate and NTS regular follows his 2018 Because Music LP, ‘Gardenia’, with a five track feat of mind-boggling sound design and dazzling ambience. 

‘Gardenia’ was sprawling an transportive, and used delicate combinations of electronics and organic strings and piano to create a listening experience that deeply emotional and poised. The album was followed by a superb remix EP which featured contributions from patten, Gábor Lázár and Flora Yin-Wong.

'EP01' finds the artist’s style evolving once again, with his expertise in weaving vivid electronic sounds together into a complex tapestry coming triumphantly to the fore. The release was conceived when Colleran took elements of previous work, reprocessing layers and textures into foundational collages upon which new elements would be added. 

Applying granular synthesis to the sounds of motorbike engines ripped from YouTube, Colleran created swerving and ensnaring atmospheric waves that dart throughout the EP. It’s expert level stuff, and comes out sounding as transfixing and emotive as works by the likes of Oneohtrix Point Never, Laurel Halo and Lee Gamble. 

Check Out ‘2Hydra’, featuring ambient producer Nami Stao, below.

'EP01' will be release on 25th October. Pre-order here