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Premiere: J-Shadow 'Orlov's Casket'

Premiere: J-Shadow 'Orlov's Casket'

Elusive London-based producer J-Shadow delivers his first EP for Beat Machine Records, 'The Astral Series'. Hear the moody, ambient interludes punctured by frenetic drum & bass on 'Orlov's Casket'

J-Shadow will release a new EP later this week.

His first release on Beat Machine Records, the elusive London producer follows records on Bun The Grid & Nous Disques, and joins the likes of Big Hands, Fade, and Sun People on the Milan-based imprint.

Incoming on 12th March, 'The Astral Series' is a six-track release that the label describes as lingering "between the cold darkness of the Unknown and the comforting vision of a familiar figure." It's a hypnotic body of work, melding genre after genre with effortless transitions and futuristic electronics.

Opening track 'Orlov's Casket' simmers on one of J-Shadow's signature warbling basslines. Journeying through moody atmospherics and spiralling ambience, its a mutated melting pot of exotic-sounding strings, breaks, and elements of chaotic drum & bass.

Listen to 'Orlov's Casket' below and pre-order the EP here.

(Press Shot: Chelone Wolf)