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Premiere: Joey Anderson 'Heaven Help Us'

Premiere: Joey Anderson 'Heaven Help Us'

New Jersey house DJ and producer, Joey Anderson, returns with his first album in four years, and third record for Berlin's Avenue 66, 'Rainbow Doll'. Listen to the flowing rhythm and dreamlike synth on 'Heaven Help Us' now

Joey Anderson will release a new LP later this month.

The New Jersey-born house DJ and producer will release his first album in five years, 'Rainbow Doll', via Berlin's Avenue 66 on the 10th March, marking his third release on the imprint.

Coming as some of Anderson's most personal work to date, 'Rainbow Doll' sees the producer explore deep, ethereal sounds with intricate melodies, layered with his own vocal work and inimitable keys. It's reminiscent of his first release via the Berlin-based imprint, emphasising on the dream logic introduced on his label debut, the 2013 leftfield classic, 'Above The Cherry Moon'.

The A2, 'Heaven Help Us', shifts into focus through soft, staccato synth. With filtered, spiralling sonics and a pulsating beat, Anderson conjures a progressive, otherwordly atmosphere.

Listen to 'Heaven Help Us' below, and pre-order 'Rainbow Doll', out on the 10th March, here.