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Premiere: Kilig 'Middle Distance (Loraine James Remix)'

Premiere: Kilig 'Middle Distance (Loraine James Remix)'

Hyperdub's Loraine James puts her stamp on London-based Kilig's dreamy 'Middle Distance'. Hear the glitching electronics contrast with sublime synth work on the remix now

Loraine James has remixed Kilig's 'Middle Distance'.

One of Hyperdub's most recent inductees, London-based producer and live artist James has had a stellar year. Her debut album, 'For You And I', was released via the label in September, and the LP featured in a host of end of year lists.

Now, to round off a successful year, James has put her take on DJ and producer Kilig's 'Middle Distance', a dreamy electronica track released via Soundtracking The Void as part of his 'To Make You Feel' EP back in June this year.

Retaining the dreamlike, soft synth work from the original, James adds a layer of glitched electronics, constructing abrasive soundscapes infused with chopped vocals and sparse percussion.

Listen to 'Middle Distance (Loraine James Remix)' below. The track is also available as a free download from DJ Mag's Soundcloud account.