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Premiere: LCY ‘Decay ft. Opus’

Premiere: LCY ‘Decay ft. Opus’

LCY explores a dystopian sonic landscape on their new EP, ‘Pulling Teeth’. Hear the cinematic strings of ‘Decay ft. Opus’ now


LCY will release a new, ‘Pulling Teeth’, this Thursday 22nd April. 

The London-based producer, DJ and visual artist creates a vivid sonic universe across six original cuts, set for release via their own SZNS7N label. With a shadowy atmosphere and a futuristic sound palette, LCY channels elements of dubstep, UKG, jungle and experimental electronics to construct the EP’s dystopian, post-human landscape and its narrative. You can hear the release’s closing track, ‘Decay ft. Opus’ below. 

The EP, which is also influenced by Celtic folklore and the works of Frankenstein author Mary Shelley, follows Ériu, a robot with a human brain and a canine mouth. The story of Éiru is told through the EP, and its accompanying visual art pieces. Éiru was built by the AI robots (“the organism”) who now occupy the post-human world, and was designed to be worshiped and experimented on. The EP explores Éiru’s creation, worship, abuse, trauma, consciousness and ultimately decay. The world in which the story is told has been further developed in a two-hour audio piece of original music broadcast on Balamii earlier this month. 

"The story expands throughout the project, and everything down to the tiniest of frequencies has been built with the intention of immersing the listener,” explains LCY of the release. 

“Through the process of creation, writing and drawing this story into a graphic novel it has become not only a reflection on the character Eriù but drawn inspiration from my own research of Celtic folklore and reflection of myself and the situations/people around me. This is the first look at this world and it's complex dynamics, I would like for people to take what they will of the music and build their own ideas of what it means."

The first tastes of ‘Pulling Teeth’ we heard were December’s ‘Garden of E10’ and ‘Shhh’, which landed at the start of April. Both tracks push LCY’s futuristic club sound to the fore, while the video ‘Garden of E10’ showcased their experimental visual style.

Below, you can hear the closing track, ‘Decay ft. Opus’, which leaves the EP on a mournful, cinematic note, with low drones, strings and muffled voices ending the release with an elagy for its protagonist. 

“‘Decay’ takes place with Ériu has run out of the unit and is hiding from the organism,” says LCY of the track. “They have sent search parties to find them as they lie hiding in the toxic bright red soil of the remnants of planet earth. They can feel their consciousness slip away and their body find peace with its decaying process - they start speaking numbers (a jumble of left over numbers of loved ones from their human life and some of which are the code that they have learnt to communicate with the organism.) They pass away and their human and animal matter become one with the earth.”

Pre-order ‘Pulling Teeth’ here.