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Premiere: Yre Den 'Blind U'

Premiere: Yre Den 'Blind U'

Berlin-based producer, Yre Den, joins Melbourne-based imprint DECISIONS with four tracks of colourful club sonics. Hear the effervescent synths and playful percussion on A1, 'Blind U', now

Yre Den will release a four-track EP later this week.

Incoming via DECISIONS, the Melbourne-based brainchild of Air Max ’97, Jikuroux and SCAM, Berlin-based artist Yre Den's 'Inlight' EP follows his release on Cologne's SPA Recordings.

'Inlight' is described by the label as "zestfully refracting club music" — and it is exactly that. The tracks are comprised of shimmering chords and choral samples, combined with dreamy twists and well-timed interludes.

The EP's A1, 'Blind U', is a meticulously moulded edit of Chris and Cosey’s 1984 electro number, ‘Driving Blind’. Playful percussion skips over evolving, effervescent synths, opening 'Inlight' with a churning melting pot of abstract sonics.

Listen to 'Blind U' below, and pre-order 'Inlight', which is out on the 27th March, via Bandcamp now.