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Breaks & Bass - Single Reviews - 589

Singles - Breaks & Bass - Issue 589


Lightning (Ross From Friends Extended Remix)

Black Butter Records

It’s not too often in this digital era that new music finds its way into your life that feels instantly timeless. However, this slice of audio heaven from London producer Ross From Friends instantly conjures a wave of bliss that bleeds deep into the psyche. This record lives completely in the moment, yet it has a compellingly nostalgic feel. It’s something you’ve never heard in a club, but somehow echoes your most cherished clubbing memories. A simple Amen break does the job impeccably here, floating atop a bath of Reese basses and goose-bump inducing atmospherics.


'Bogan Philosophy (Left/Right Remix) '


With the dark nights now at their longest, it seems like a perfectly appropriate time for this deep bass sound to be blooming on the airwaves. Left/Right is correctly accredited as a pioneer of these production techniques, and they’ve never sounded so fresh, as he debuts his well honed style on the big Mau5’s iconic label Mau5trap. The combination of cold chords, weaving harmonies and eerie effects in this tune feel as if they were forged in the heart of winter. A perfectly crafted late night anthem.


'Jungle Demon'

Gold Digger Records

With consistent releases on labels such as Circus and Dim Mak, LA producer Wenzday has clearly found her groove in the blooming bass house scene. Thudding kicks, booming low-end and resonant perc leads do the job here nicely. There’s levels to this game, and this smoking hot jam on Gold Digger is easily my favourite thing she’s put out.

Le Duke

'Late Night'

83 Recordings

Driving home another bass anthem to round up his year, the mysterious anti-hero Le Duke is hot on the heels of superstardom. Clean cut two-step drums swing over solid call and response bass leads— this uncomplicated bank of finely tuned sounds is utterly devastating. Another naughty number dropping on the slick Spanish label 83.


'Listen (Isenberg Remix)'


Texas has become an absolute hotbed for innovative new bass music, and with stone-cold killers like Isenberg spearheading the scene, it feels like the state will be unstoppable in 2019. Remixing the formidable young Brighton talent Inkline in his latest offering, Isenberg steers his sound down a tough and gritty four-four road, delivering a late night UK bass anthem that will bring the ruckus to your party. There’s been nothing but fire coming out of the Brøken camp recently, and what an amazing way to kick off the new year.

Maribou State

'Nervous Ticks feat Holly Walker (Maceo Plex Remix)'


Well this is an enormously gratifying curveball if I’ve ever been pitched one. From the very first play, I’ve been completely infatuated with this remix from the omnipotent (and now transcendent) Maceo Plex via Mark Knight’s label Toolroom. With no-frills and unquestionably original production, a simple kick snare loop rides atop deep Reese bass leads, haunting atmospherics and a vocal of amaranthine beauty. This is an absolutely belting record that I’m sure will be a mainstay in DJs' sets for months to come.


'Round Ere (feat Rakjay) '

Manuka Records

Prepare to be completely vexed by this new jam from Hypho. Tension levels are set to maximum by anxiety-inducing atmospherics, while stripped drums and deep 808 kicks slap you repeatedly in the face with sheer attitude and grit. Rakjay's belligerence takes the vibe to another level, resulting in a complete annihilation of your soundsystem.


'Saigon (Album Sampler)'


There’s been no shortage of quality material from Bristol native SaidWho in the last few years. Delivering a steady stream of genre spanning music has placed him firmly on my hotlist. The trumpets sound as he returns to Southpoint with 'Saigon', 'I Need Love' and 'You Know What To Say': three soulful, downtempo cuts with tasteful breakbeats and blissful grooves. I love all of these tunes. Time spent travelling in Asia seems to have galvanised SaidWho’s penchant for soulful compositions, and these new beats are his most inspired offerings to date. Can’t wait to hear the full album.

DJ Zinc

'What I’m On feat Kamakaze '

Bingo Bass

Fresh, funky and fat. This new jam from DJ Zinc is a deadly brew of UK bass and bashment breaks that will whip any self respecting dancefloor into a certified frenzy. This features some gully bars from Leicester badman MC Kamakaze, who rightly declares “You ain’t on what I’m on!”, setting the tone for a sub flexing, mid-tempo Amen workout. This upbeat combo of slapping beats, anthemic bass hooks and get-hype vocals makes for an undeniably large record indeed. In the bag.