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Breaks & Bass - Single Reviews - 598

Singles - Breaks & Bass - Issue 598


Let You Know feat London Grammar (Ross From Friends Remix)

Future Classic/Downtown Records

That Ross From Friends fella can seriously do no wrong these days. The no-holds-barred creative space he’s ironed out for himself is producing some absolute gems, and this new remix of the iconic Flume is one of the coolest jams I’ve had the pleasure of hearing all year. This is a rather large sound indeed. A huge bank of ethereal atmospherics serves as the perfect backdrop to a tripped-out bass track and spacey chords. The drums are subtle and fine tuned to perfection, providing the listener with wave after wave of hair raising nuances. Completely in love with this.

Tony Rocky Horror


Top Drawer Digital

The fresh invasion of '90s rave beats has been written on the wall for a hot minute, and has easily become this season's biggest thing. This new beat from Seattle’s own Tony Rocky Horror drops as part of Top Drawer Digital’s 10 year anniversary comp. It’s rammed full of nostalgic badness that’ll make you want to dig out your old cassette tapes, don your long-neglected bomber jacket and eat a handful of magic beans. Hype!

Smokey Bubblin'b

'Be Real'

Four40 Records

These raw and ragged trips back to the rave era are giving me all sorts of goosebumps. This is such an authentic UK sound, and I could not be happier to see so much of it landing in my promo box. The bad man Bubblin’B brings some serious carnival vibes to the party here. Deep subby bass, stripped Amens and plenty of get-hype rave stabs for the whistle posse.




Negativ have clearly been hard at it in the studio just recently. There’s a ton of compelling, well-produced beats coming out of their camp, and this new EP via the impeccably well versed team at Southpoint is another firm stamp on the scene. Futuristic laser leads fire off to combat the alien basslines and dystopian atmospherics. Someone get James Cameron on the phone.

Major Lazer

'Que Calor (Instrumental Mix) '

Mad Decent

Notting Hill Carnival was only a short time ago, and man didn’t this go off when I saw it dropped there. No idea who played it, the vibes were so high it really did not matter. This is a serious Afrobeats rump-shaker, with the dopest drums and an infectious lead line that guarantees a hands-in-the-air moment with every spin. DIY soundsystem flavours with Diplo at the controls, absolute winner.

Anthony Rother

'The Message'

Stranger In The Night

Sitting somewhere between Justice, Daft Punk and Jean-Michel Jarre, The German electro enigma Anthony Rother’s records have been finding their way in and out of my sets since the early 2000s. This new one treads that nerdy line that only the Europeans can do tastefully: overdriven analogue breakbeats accompany soaring synth lines and some paradoxically awful yet amazing vocoder-heavy vocals. A guilty pleasure, and end of the night gold.

Cartridge & Old Gold

'Uzi feat Rakjay '

Manuka Records

This one’ll have the clubs rumbling in the forthcoming months. Deep and thudding 808 kicks build a solid foundation for snappy perc loops, push-me-pull-me effects, and mad atmospheric sci-fi feels for that futuristic flavour. Rakjay is fast becoming one of the scene's most polarising MCs: repping a proud Northern accent, he’s adding original layers to this sound that so many others are falling short of. Another cold beat from the Manuka massive.



Dissident Sound

A bank of ghostly pads, celestial shimmers and some heavy vinyl crackle set the tone of this record perfectly, giving way to some rather well tuned drums, plus faint sub bass and hints of eastern score samples. There’s nothing jarring or attention-seeking popping through the mix here: this is a pure classy number for the audiophiles who appreciate that delicate touch. Perfect in my headphones on a rainy day or late into the afterparty.



83 Recordings

You just can’t beat a good Amen break, and this one from the breakbeat powerhouse they call GUAU is an absolute woppa! Deep Reese basses, acid lead lines and diva vocals pull heavy on those early '90s heartstrings and, polished with a spacey mix-down for that awesome warehouse feel, this is a rather tasteful jam indeed. More proof that 83 Records continues to rule the Spanish roost in 2019.