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Breaks & Bass - Single Reviews - 601

Singles - Breaks & Bass - Issue 601

Left/Right & Bodyblow

One/Two feat. Dread MC (E.R.N.E.S.T.O Remix)

Punks Music

It feels a little early in the year to be dropping beats this hot, but it’s clear that the new-breed Miami bass-man E.R.N.E.S.T.O is keen to set 2020 off with a monumental bang. This tune is ram-packed with peak-time flair, and a gritty attitude that could easily charm the paint off your walls. Featuring some rather obnoxious 808 kicks, twisted acid lead lines, snappy drums and a swaggy vocal track from Dread MC, the original was one of the biggest tunes of last year, and this funky-fresh spin has drop-kicked it into a whole new stratosphere.

Willaris K

'5 O'Clock'


The notoriously emotive Aussie powerhouse Willaris K appears to have hit another home run with his latest offering via the sagacious imprint Astralwerks. This record is almost abyssal in depth, and demonstrates a sonic clarity that most producers could only dream of replicating. Soaring synth lines are cranked to biblical levels here, but are cleverly tamed by tenderly placed keys and a gratifying bank of atmospherics. Fantastic.

Big Wild

'6’s To 9’s feat. Rationale (ABSOLUTE. Remix)'

Counter Records

I’m completely in love with this new remix from the unstoppable production aficionado they call ABSOLUTE. From the subtly muted drum kit to the beautifully gated vocal, the soft Reese basses and all the other exquisite vibes in-between, this delicate composition is a hands-in-the-air anthem if I’ve ever heard one. I can’t wait to hear this in a club/festival atmosphere. Proper eye-rolling, goosebump-inducing business.


'Amnesia '

Dissident Sound

Jubley’s been slinging high-grade beats since way back when, and this new one via the team at Dissident Sound is a real head-turner. Deep muted bass notes thump right down in the weeds where they belong, leaving plenty of room for a huge bank of metallic perc loops and menacing atmospherics to get you grooving. This is a rather slick pneumatic-sounding whopper, that’ll be right at home on the biggest soundsystems.


'Control The Party (Denham Audio After Party Mix) '

Rave Science

It’s proper exciting to hear the surge of slick broken-beat tunes that are surfacing through Prospa’s flawlessly curated Rave Science imprint. Denham Audio have taken this remix even further into that unquestionably raw early '90s rave era, delivering a fantastically underproduced tune that paradoxically sounds really well-polished at the same time. I’ll never be able to get enough of these nostalgic warehouse jams, the dopest trope in the scene right now.

Archie Hamilton

'Eye Of The Storm (Bushwacka! Remix) '

Moscow Records

I’ve been copping Bushwacka! beats for over two decades now, and remixes like this one are a testament to his legendary status. This new jam has a tasteful early naughties vibe, all stripped out, wavey, and raw as a Wu-Tang sausage. The spacey mixdown here means that this beat will sound crazy-good at the loudest volumes on the grimiest of club systems. Sure-fire hit for the heads.




Everyone knows that Southpoint brings serious vibes to the party, so it’s no surprise at all that its latest comp is an absolute monster. There’s a whole lot of heat to pick from, but it’s Negativ’s militaristic jam 'Paradigm' that’s had me bouncing off the walls this week. Fiery 2-step kicks accompany some sharp and edgy perc loops, apocalyptic Reese basses and bellicose SFX. In the bag.

Born Dirty & Diplo

'Samba Sujo '

Higher Ground

Flipping a classic Brazillian samba jam on its head, Born Dirty and Diplo have manifested a truly awesome festival anthem in this beat. Adding a driving 2-step groove, complementary sub-bass and a huge carnival drum kit has crowbarred a ton of additional vibes into this, while keeping all the original flavours. Dropping on Diplo’s spanking new Higher Ground imprint, this intoxicating rump-shaker is something quite special indeed.