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Breaks & Bass - Single Reviews - 471

Singles - Breaks & Bass - Issue 471

Groove Diggerz feat Lindy Layton

Just Be Good To Me

Breakin Even

The Groove Diggerz have got their debut album, 'Money For Good Times', in the can and ready to go, and here's the first single from it. Recruiting the great Lindy Layton, who did the vocals on Beats International's chart-topper way back when, this went off big-time when road-tested at BeatCheck in Milton Keynes recently. Perfectly judged so that it's just accessible enough to get everybody up and dancing while still featuring enough freaky noises and growly bass for the headz, this should deservedly spread the Diggerz name even more, far and wide. There's an instrumental for the vocal-phobes, and a radio edit for the stations. Feelgood fun.