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Disco - Single Reviews - 596

Singles - Disco - Issue 596

Soul Clap

Ready To Freak

Soul Clap Records

Billboard charting house music royalty Kathy Brown graces the mic on this latest release from Soul Clap, alongside neat production touches from Morgan Wiley (Hercules & Love Affair), to give ‘Ready To Freak’ that authentic NYC disco touch. Band member Charles Levine remixes under his Lonely C guise, and ramps up the groove with club and superb, tracky dub mixes; but it’s the heady mix of soaring vocals and Patrick Adams-style synths in the original mix that stop the show. Divas to the dancefloor, please!

Tee Mango

'50 Songs - EP 2'


Hot on the heels of last month’s 'EP 1', Tee Mango steps into curious club music territory. Dashing aside the jazz funk vibe of last month's collaboration with Amp Fiddler, TM proceeds to bang out the oddest rhythm on his drum. Taking these angular electronic beats to the discotheque is a direct version from Kiwi, who turns the track ‘Woo Hoo’ into a modern day, Moroder-style throbber. Rhythm Section Intl and Lobster Theremin regular Hidden Spheres also appears, and comes correct with a breezy, Balearic remix of ‘Down Down Down’.


'A Fine Life Remix EP'


New to the scene, Pyrame offers up new and exclusive remixes of tracks from his recent debut single, released via HIFI/LOFI. The Berlin resident makes bright, polished nu disco and post-punk/pop tracks, ideal for this bunch of producers to rough up a little: Rodion features with a plodding acid remix, next to a touch of slow, hypnotising brilliance from Acid Washed. Keeping energy levels buoyant are new versions from Love On The Rocks artist Omer, and one from the excellent Days Of Being Wild.

Rikky Disco

'Getting High'


Steve Kotey’s Bearfunk label makes a return this year with debut material from Swedish duo, Rikky Disco. A promising start from Chris Tall and Fanacy, who show early signs of being a formidable production force within Scandinavia's cult nu disco scene. To accompany their rich blend of classy disco and house music, ‘Getting High’ includes remixes from Slovenia-based producer Ichisa and One Era, plus the standout and brilliantly over-the-top Italo style disco version by Russians, Kim & Buran.

Anton Klint & Edvin E

'Pathetic Aestetic (Remixes)'

King Of Kong / Tryck & Ton

Chugging, mid-tempo acid and nu disco tracks from Anton Klint & Edvin E, with a list of pretty impressive remixer choices in tow. First up, Kasper Bjørke works a dubby mix alongside Eric ‘Rub N Tug’ Duncan’s euphorically charged version. Newborn Jr (who’s found often partnering up with Earth Trax for labels such as Rhythm Section Intl and Phonica’s label series) teams up with label head Artur8 for a heady trip, as Hardway Bros (Sean Johnston of A Love From Outer Space with Andrew Weatherall) produce a crawling, proggy remix that’s an absolute pearler.

Alan Dixon

'Rise & Shine (feat Marcel Vogel remix)'

Lumberjacks In Hell

‘Rise & Shine’ delivers a positive gospel disco message from London-based nu disco producer Alan Dixon, with extra guidance from Positive People person Frank Hooker (making an appearance in the vocal department). Jumping into piano house mode, Dixon delivers the chipper ‘Whatcha Gonna Do’ with a vocal from the talented Maleke O'Ney. Finishing, label head, Marcel Vogel, takes us to church once again with a pumped up mix of the title track. Praise be.

Various Artists

'Sinchi — Altered States Vol. 1'

Sinchi Music

Not-for-profit label venture Sinchi comes up with a knowing selection of tracks from the global disco music underground. From Mexico, Braulio Renteria flips the sound of Hi-NRG into something far more menacing on the track ‘Venus’, as Gimel from the creatively rich city of Vilnius, Lithuania offers some stirring, ancestral trance music on 'Dobilelis'. Potent, Middle Eastern nu disco vibes from BarumBarum add a vibrant touch to the release, as does material from Rabih Rizk on the tune ‘Bowing Pill’.



Escort Records

The second release on Escort’s label, that dedicates itself to the evergreen sound of '80s soul and funk. Following the label debut that featured the one and only Fonda Rae, the NYC disco trio invite the talent of legendary composer, producer, flautist and (most notably) Gil Scott-Heron collaborator, Brian Jackson, to perform and lay a mesmerising flute melody over the rousing disco bump of ‘Ride’. Switching the mood, ‘Slide’ slips into classic boogie mode with a slow groove that nods to Slave, Yarbrough & Peoples, Rene & Angela etc.