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Disco - Single Reviews - 524

Singles - Disco - Issue 524

Blludd Relations

Cold Like the Baron

Sounds of the Universe/Soul Jazz Records

Release number five for the shop/label's limited 'Art & Sound' series, following killer releases from the likes of Kassem Mosse, Hieroglyphic Being, Andres and Tevo Howard. This outrageously addictive, new wave/Afro-electro pop tune is the production savvy of Jesse 'Elmore Judd' Hackett and Nathan 'Bullion' Jenkins, who have recently released their equally dreamy, self-titled album. With its almost Arthur Russell-inspired vocal, woozy clavinet notes and sharp polyrhythms, 'Cold Like the Baron' knocks purveyors of the current, leftfield pop wave into a cocked hat. Stunning.