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Drum & Bass - Single Reviews - 573

Singles - Drum & Bass - Issue 573

Jonny L


Soul In Motion Records

Created by Bailey and Need For Mirrors, Soul in Motion has always had the ethos firmly routed in the high calibre of the music it represents, which in turn has made it one of the most popular nights in London. We are delighted to hear that the night is expanded to a label, and the first release does not disappoint. True king of the rollers Jonny L delivers a classically snappy, head-bobbing beat underpinned with haunting samples and ever-changing melodics.


'Diorama '

Med School

Listening to this track, we feel like we’re in some kind of cartoon; a robotic side kick in a montage sequence of a cheesy '80s sci-fi crime thriller series, weird right? But oh so fun! The whole track is continuously forward moving, and full of unexpected samples with the bass adding a little touch of darkness to this otherwise lighthearted vibe. If this is the first glimpse, we’re intrigued for what the album has to offer.

Ego Trippin

'Drum Beats'

Low Down Deep

Very much in the new school jump-up bracket, the simplistic and high pitched melody... repetitive? Yes. Thought provoking and earth shattering? Not so much, but it’s really fun to dance to and has got vibes for days. The bassline is understated and provides a subtle warmth, while the drum patten is fairly standard. What makes this track stand out from the crowd is the funky, big-band nods to hip-hop.

A.M.C & Turno

'Ice Cold'

Drum & Bass Arena

DNBA have not released an EP for a decade, can you believe it? Their penchant for representing past, present, future and all sub-genres is as signature as their wasp-like skin, and this ethos is heavily represented on this 360 release. ‘Ice Cold’s’ backbone is solidly rooted in the past, with jungle breaks and a nostalgic collection of rave samples. The drop brings some gritty, vibrating building-site sounds paired with a fat, distorted bassline that's fitting for the modern dancefloor.


'Inner City Life (Burial Remix)'


‘Inner City Life’ didn’t need a remix, but if anyone had the credentials to stamp their name of a rework, it’s Burial. Previously only available as a Record Store Day exclusive, the package which includes Goldie’s 2017 rebuild is now available to all. Without the iconic strings and stunning vocal, this track would be barley recognisable from its predecessor. It’s made up of clearly defined sections which work to almost create a narrative; expertly crafted jungle drums decorated in crackles and white noise.

My Nu Leng


Shogun Audio

There is so much hype around this genre jumping duo. Famous for their bass-heavy brand of techno-laced garage and grime, the lads have gone back to their roots and released their first ever drum & bass EP. It's grown-up dancefloor material with a dark undertone, with layers of rumbling bass under a fast-paced stepping pattern, and lightened with occasional spangles and female vocals. Excellently crafted. Look out for the rest of the EP which includes a collaboration with Spectrasoul.

The Science

'The Sea and I (Lockjaw Remix)'

MethLab Recordings

This may be one of the most beautiful EPs you will hear all year. Trust us… it’s absolutely stunning; seriously, stop whatever you are doing right now and listen to it. The soft and ghostly vocal takes us into goosebumps territory and sores breathtakingly above the dark, twisted and heavily mutated soundscape below it. The bass is low and humble, while the breaks provide a subtle but very real — and truly infectious — groove.