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House - Single Reviews - 595

Singles - House - Issue 595

Mark E

Shelter EP

Public Release Recordings

Pure, silken depth from Merc don Mark E, assisting Californian imprint Public Release celebrate its 20th excursion into sonic perfection. 'Shake' is stunning; a rattling, minimal vibe from the Carl Craig School of Chug*, a murky bassline tempered by quietly joyous strings. 'Shelter' kicks a set of congas down the stairs, adding the heavy swing of hats and rough percussion to blasts of radio interference. 'M-54', with its earthy arps, brings in waves of bright chords, while 'Shinkansen' slows things down with a deep Nordic freak out. Truly special. (*not a real school).


'006 EP'


The sixth EP in Grant's (aka Anthony Collins) numbered series finds the Marseille-via-Brooklyn producer in fine form. 'KC106' brings a tubular bassline and swooping pads before releasing gentle Italo piano chords. 'Stellis', featuring frequent studio partner Dan Piu, ups the stakes: a frisky, Detroit number thick with rides and snares. As is so often the case, EP closer 'Viewpoint' is the one, a dub house masterstroke for (very) late nights, with pulsing, propulsive bursts of bass, synths feeding back and sweeps of gently ecstatic pads.

Somethin’ Sanctified

'Arrivals: Part 2'

Citizens of Vice

More dusty house vibrations, following the truly magnificent first salvo from Somethin' Sanctified — Simon Mills of Bent and Joel Hood of International Feel — a month or two back. Seems it wasn't a one off. 'Soul Glo' is a tear-jerking, spine-tingling Afro-disco anthem from the gods. The subtle rave vibes of 'Marzipan' are truly inspiring, sub-aqua percussion pulling the whole thing together. 'White Blossoms' brings the blissed-out Balearica, heavenly vocals melding with mildly unhinged jazz noodlings. Seems these lads might just be unstoppable.

Dubble D presents Moodymanc

'Dope n Crime EP'

Well Cut Records

Former 2020 Soundsystem don Dubble D, aka Moodymanc, returns on his own Well Cut imprint with a truly towering vibe. Blazing percussion is top of the agenda on 'Dope N Crime'. Deep, garage-y hammond stabs bounce beneath cowbells, irresistible snare rolls and recurrent blasts of warming brass, as a street corner poet opines over the clamour. The 'Party Edit' re-tools the arrangement for maximum dancefloor impact, a weapon to be carefully deployed. A full-length 'Drumapella' is hurled in too for all you creatives out there. Get to work.

Luca Vera

'Exist And Resist '

Sprechen Music

Decidedly cosmic house vibes from Italian stallion Luca Vera for Sprechen. 'Red M' is like if Vangelis got his kaftan caught in the fire escape door at Berghain, with nods to epic synth lines and murky basement rave vibrations. 'Trashtrem' throbs, drives and bleeps, with a breakdown that's pure disco drama. 'Race 83', meanwhile, with its sprawling pads and sweeping rasps of analogue growling, drops distant, distorted Italo pianos before unleashing de-tuned madness to twist everyone into a knot. Very clever.

The Revenge

'Roar Groove Meets Dirt Crew Vol 4'

Dirt Crew Recordings

Peerless work here from Graeme Clark aka The Revenge, his fourth foray with Berlin's Dirt Crew. A Moog Voyager bassline and diced up stabs make up the devastating 'Like An Ending', a churning club jam which builds and builds to full-on tops-off, fist-pumping glory. 'Work Out Right' slows things to an irresistible chug, a dreamy pop sample alive with movement. On the flip, 'So Much We Have To Gain' is a bleeping festival of arps, wonky and unctuous, while 'Prize Fighter' is rasping, deep disco for the moody dancefloors. Superb.


'Textures 4/4'


A newly-formed collective from Berlin, hvmble put the 'dreamy' in 'dreamy house'. 'Bemaraha' starts all moody, a brooding, bass-heavy behemoth, before slowly introducing distant chords, swelling and shape shifting in the dusky gloaming. There's a dizzying crescendo, with metallic percussion bringing the drama. On the flip, 'Chamarel' boasts more classic vibes, with warming, phased pads staying just the right side of epic. Both are impeccably produced, giving the impression that perhaps we know this lot already. If not, they've hit the ground running.


'These Days'


The third outing for Llewellyn on Leipzig's fabulous Riotvan. 'These Days (Don't Make Me Wait)' is a pulsating delight, featuring life-affirming chords coupled with joyous pianos that are pure, unadulterated '80s pop. 'I Wish I Could Have Seen It All' busts up the beats, with a rasping arp underpinning soaring pads, and 'Fleshed Out' is a lolloping, heavily-swung jam for those after party disasters, sure to spin out everyone within a dancefloor's radius. Proper business, this.

Mood J



Mood J, previously seen on Lobster Theremin offshoot Distant Hawaii — with the amazing 'Turn Your Love Around' — is back in the LT fold, this time for its UGONGETIT imprint (it's hard to keep up). The Australian producer raids the disco racks, 'Can't Give You Up' looping the heavenly 'Just Can't Give You Up' by Mystic Merlin, dropping in a hollow bassline. 'Movin'' takes control of Brass Construction's track of the same name to devastating effect, where 'Your Body (When You Dance)' lays a pumping loop beneath flutes and slap bass. Hard not to love this.