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House - Single Reviews - 551

Singles - House - Issue 551


Tong Po EP


Light on the vowels, heavy on pretty much everything else. IMYRMIND, after previous releases collaborating with the so-very-hot-right-now Glenn Astro and Max Graef, has broken loose for this EP on Denmark's equally feted Tartelet. Title track 'Tong Po' is pure madness; a lo-fi house jam raggedly rough around the edges. It's fiercely original and brimming with unbridled funk. 'Wanja 9000' is no less fluid, a jazz loop twisted beyond all reason. 'Upturn' is wayward Latin insanity, while 'Number Seven' is described as 'early morning ambience'. That's about right. Just deliriously good.


'Corner People EP'

Holic Trax

Greek producer Ekkohaus gets intense for Japanese producer Tomoki Tamura's excellent Holic Trax imprint, with four tracks of late night/early morning house music. 'Corner People' shuffles incessently, as an enveloping synth gradually opens up to reveal its hand, before squirrelling away again. It's quietly masterful. 'New Tricks', with its clattering, thunderous loop is a tougher proposition, loaded with big-room funk. 'Because Of You' brings warm Detroit synths and acid to the party. And it is a party.


'Grown Man Cryy'

Crosstown Rebels

Sure, 'Grown Man Cryy' may likely qualify as techno to some, but nevertheless, this is a masterful, towering, throbbing anthem from Felix Da Housecat, under his Aphrohead guise, for his old mucker Damian Lazarus's Crosstown Rebels. So we're going with it. There are echoes of Green Velvet here, with his freaky spoken word, but that's just a handy reference point. This minimal madness is all his own. There's a mix from Carl Craig, laden with noise and bubbling funk, but Housecat's original is just untouchable. Sorry C2, you've been upstaged for once. Thoroughly essential.

Sabrina Malheiros


Far Out Recordings

Sabrina Malherios comes from some rich pedigree, her father being none other than Alex Malheiros, guitarist in the legendary Brazilian jazz-funk trio Azymuth. This track featured on her 2011 album 'Dreaming', and here gets the re-rub treatment from the master himself, Ashley Beedle. Adding a rasping bassline on his 'Africanz On Mars Vocal mix', he redirects this blazing sunshine onto the nightclub dancefloor, and it's a wondrous, soaring thing of beauty. Over, he picks out the flute in a more (ghastly word, but appropriate here) 'organic' mix, with real drums and everything. So very, very good.


'Rather Happy Songs'

House Is OK

This is superlative house music (not merely OK, you modest things) from Homeboy, Janis and Oliver Achatz's Frankfurt-based House Is OK label. In 'Uptown Slice', there are echoes of the Balearic, of Vangelis in a joyous future disco anthem from Chris Beiswenger, formerly one half of the wonderful Arto Mwambe with Phillip Lauer. 'Z-Gnal' is an undulating, trippily hypnotic groove, while 'Excerpt' is a mucky, slo-mo extravaganza. Roman Flügel tips up for a sterlingly emotive remix of '2nd Touch' too.

Jori Hulkkonen

'Something Left To Learn EP'

Fly By Night

Finnish master Jori Hulkkonen pays homage to the Italo greats here, with the dazzling 'Something Left To Learn', fashioned on the rare Italian-made Solton Programmer 24 synth to ensure a fully authentic experience, akin to being in a club in Rimini in 1985 wearing pastel shades. Balihu don Daniel Wang and J.E.E.P. turn in a pared down mix, thinning out the arps that Hulkkonen heaped on with palpable glee. 'Distant Cities' trades the Adriatic coast for Lake St.Clair, its Detroit vibes and robotic vocals proving quite irresistible. Blazing stuff, as ever, from Hulkkonen.


'You Gonna Dream feat. Byron Stingily'


Echolette, the imprint of Crosstown's Francesca Lombardo, has unleashed a real keeper here, courtesy of WHO, the French DJ/producer formerly known as Louca (aka Lucas Orsatelli). Bringing in house ledge Byron Stingily for the vocals (more vintage vibes than verses and choruses, his soulful howls boring their way deep into your soul), 'You Gonna Dream' is a thing of rare beauty, simple but oh-so effective. Stingily's vocals are rough and distorted, the track beneath propped up with a firing loop. Could be in the box for some time.