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Leftfield - Single Reviews - 557

Singles - Leftfield - Issue 557

Mark Pritchard

'Beautiful People (Feat Thom Yorke)'


Let’s be honest, this was never going to be anything other than downright brilliant was it? Producer of some if the finest homegrown electronic music of the last 20 years verses lead vocalist of one of the finest homegrown bands of the last 20 years. The result is a triumph of beautifully counter-balanced, cerebral and considered electronic music. Sonic storytelling at its very best. Can’t wait for the album!

Red Rack'em

'Bill George EP'


Taking care of business; Danny Berman (aka Red Rack’Em) ensures his new vinyl-only label gets off to a flying start with this great little three-track EP.Featuring tried-and-(road)tested releases from Red Rack’Em DJ sets you’ve probably already got a good idea of what’s in store. If not give this beauty a try: P-Funk-infused house, deep, slo-mo boogie and quirky soulful funk… plus a bit more besides.


'Digits / Beat Of The Heart'


Packed with more talent than the Brazilian 1970 World Cup squad, Maylight, headed by vocalist Lizzie Parks is something of a modern-day jazz super-group. However, with an electronic inflection don’t expect an overload on the noodle. More a simplistic boom-bap soulful groove that slinks along in bass-heavy fashion. ‘Beat Of The Heart’ misses the beat somewhat, so stick with the opener ‘Digits’.

Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band

'Love Like This'

Big Crown Records

Don’t sleep on this, as we’re sure as soon as you’re reading this you’ll be hard pressed to track a copy down. The track in question? Bacao’s mellow yet crucial steel-drum cover of Faith Evans and the Chic-inspired ‘Love Like This’. Enchanting, faithful (no pun intended) and mesmerizing. Cat Steven’s ‘Dog Was A Doughnut’ gets the same treatment too on the flip. A double-sided bomb from Big Crown.

Sau Poler



The Catalan producer continues to impress as a relative newcomer to the scene with this set that shows he has plenty of tricks up his disco-tinged sleeves. Utilising live instrumentation and underpinning with smooth progressive arrangements, it's easy to see why he’d be filed alongside the likes of Terje, Lindstrom and Thomas. Expect plenty more from this talent who is putting his unique twist on things.

Danced Til Midnight

'More Of Love / No Way Back '

Thylacine Sounds

An understated EP from DTM, who pursue their vision of all things funk and Bootsy-like on ‘More Of Love’, whilst their own inclusion of discreet electronics allows Faze Action and The Revenge to capitalize on a solid blueprint to work with. The Glasgow edit master comes out on top, showing again why he is so highly regarded as an arranger as well as producer. Something for all.

The Tibbs

'Next Time '

Record Kicks

Arghh! For every brilliant modern funk/soul release (see Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band) there is always a slew of poor, unimaginative, second rate, impressionist stuff like this.The problem is with these kind of releases is that they are always well-intentioned. The musicianship and vocals are always of a good standard, but it’s just the ideas; the understanding of the genre; the desire to simply re-create, rather than create that means so many records like this just sound thin, weak, tepid and uninspired.

The Comet Is Coming

'Space Carnival '

The Leaf Label

Brace yourselves! The Comet Is Coming with yet another slice of heavy and intense percussive, psychedelic madness… just to shake things up yet again and keep you on your toes.Like nothing else out there at the moment, they are always going to divide opinion. But love them or loathe them, they absolutely demand your attention in a away that very few other bands do, and for that you have to give them credit.

Quiet Dawn

'The First Day Remixed '

First Word Records

Some intriguing mixes on Quiet Dawns re-presented album here, with the likes of Garonne and Sauce81 adding alternative flavours to the originals. ‘Dusk’ and the percussive Latin shuffle on ‘After Sex’ are particular highlights, and with Mo Fingaz and One Handed’s Bastien Keb also getting in on the act, it results in a well-rounded EP of soulful grooves and sparse lovers' laments. Nice.