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Prog - Single Reviews - 561

Singles - Prog - Issue 561

Oliver Schories

Artik EP

Chapter 24 Records

Cruising at the deeper end of the tech-house spectrum, with melodic flair in abundance, the oh-so-good ‘Artik’ oozes some brilliant techy synth work, and receives some killer remixes. From the experienced Marc DePulse, a revolving and infectious tech'd-out masterpiece; high-flyer Third Son and his emerging, cosmic tech sound; and Atapy, with his minimalistic, groove-laden techy cut. The entire package is an insane trip to behold from start to finish.


'Formulate EP'


The leading arpeggiating synth on ‘Formulate’ combines with a building rhythm to form a mesmerising ebb and flow; it's deft and impactful, and why Raxon’s reputation is in full ascent right now. ‘Elevate’ is a funk-laden stomper with '80s electronic drum fills and lingering electro pads, which retract for the drops to leave a dancefloor buzzing bassline hook. Sincopat label boss, AFFKT, takes this blueprint, widens the dynamics and nudges it towards the tech-house/techno crossover with some typically nimble adjustments.


'Go (Loco Dice Remixes)'


If you’re going to mess about with a timeless dance track, then anything under level ‘Nailed It’ is considered failure. Loco Dice can rest easy then, because he’s got his take on the seminal 'Go' spot on. Sculpting a loopy tribal rhythm that builds energetically, he teases the originals most iconic element — "Go" — to create a trip that leads into the inevitable outcome... breakdown bliss. It only takes — a tentative and satisfying — six minutes. If you can’t wait then his ‘Mo Strings Remix’ gets there a lot quicker.

Kim Ann Foxman

'It's You That Drives Me Wild'

Firehouse Records

The delightfully powerful and emotive ‘It’s You That Drives Me Wild’ drops on Kim’s very own Firehouse Records and showcases a wild, bass-focused deep house sound that's full of energy. Maya Jane Coles gets ahold of the remix for a desolate alternative sounding cut, replacing the emotive edge of the original to play on the vocal really well. The EP is balanced nicely with the rave-inspired ‘Magic Window’ and Maya Jane Coles-sounding ‘Give It All You Got’.


'Metron EP'

ViVA Limited

The UK tech-powerhouse of Leftwing & Kody continue their relentless release pace, this time stepping up to a full EP on VIVa Limited, for whom they recently combined with Mark Jenkyns on the 'Warriors Season 5' compilation mix. The 'Metron' EP is standard L&K fare; high-energy tech-house with flourishing stabs, FX and frantic, chunking bass that they've made their name with. Pick of the bunch is the vocal, but zonal, ‘Retract’.


'Motorcity Sunrise'

No.19 Music

‘Motorcity Sunrise’ and ‘High Harmonix’ are two sublimely feel-good, sun-drenched techy house cuts from the experienced Canadian native, AD/D. The former of the pair gets a double remix from Art Department (Jonny White), and both remixes add dynamic value, although fail to really take the original to unexplored realms, a point which shouldn't mar an otherwise uplifting, quality dance EP.

Marco Carola

'Play It Loud (Mihalis Safras Remix)'

Circus Recordings

The techno godfather and his 2011 minimal hit, ‘Play It Loud’, get a tasty 2016 modification from the excellent tech-house don, Mihalis Safras. It’s been given the sort of facelift that will see it slot perfectly into a modern Carola set, whilst appealing to the broader tech-house peerage also. Play it loud, quite literally!

Emery Warman

'Soulthing EP'

MadTech Records

This rising producer is firing on all cylinders right now, releasing on Stereo Productions, VIVa Limited, Deeperfect and now Madtech, all within 2016. In this EP he offers up tribal rhythms and jacking percussion on ‘Simple Mind’, sub-grooving power on ‘Do Tha Music’ and a zonal trip on the eponymous, ‘Soulthing’. Overall it’s a little lighter a sound if compared to that of ‘Heavy Duty Dolls’ or ‘Evolution’, but shows his versatility and, importantly, drops on one of the scene's most revered imprints.

Alex Kennon vs. Joyfull Family

'The Party Is Over'

Yaww Recordings

A collaborative slice of deep and grooving tech-house from rising Italian production outfits, Alex Kennon (Saved, Snatch!, NONSTOP), and trio, Joyfull Family. This lands on the Romanian label Yaww Recordings and gets a brilliantly trucking and twisted remix from Kellerkind, who takes the smooth and vocal original toward a moody, vox-styled sluggish groover. The EP finishes with a revision (‘3rd Club Mix’) and the energetic, subby and dubby, ‘State of Mind’ that’ll ensure the party definitely is not over.