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Progressive Big Room - Single Reviews - 596

Singles - Progressive Big Room - Issue 596


No Dancers (Adam Port Remix)


One of those special records that drops discreetly and proceeds to overachieve, particularly in terms of its raw dancefloor appeal. ‘No Dancers’ was one of several excellent new singles we heard from the Cubicolor project last year, and Adam Port from Keinemusik decides wisely with his remix not to fuck too much with the framework of the original. Instead, he delicately chisels it onto a more floor-focused affair that translates into huge emotions. Deploying a simple shake of percussion, which fuses beautifully with its emotive vocals, otherwise, Port shows surprising restraint in terms of avoiding clutter in his arrangements. The results speak for themselves, as it’s proved ubiquitous at summer festivals this year.


'8 Bit Eclipse (Rise And Fall Remix)'

Controlled Substance

One of the winners in a recent Quivver remix competition demonstrates that it’s definitely ready for the bright lights of the Beatport progressive charts. Russian producer Rise And Fall strips out the chords from the Quivver original, dialling up the proggy atmospherics and threading it all together with a rollicking, bassline driven groove. There’s a nice “push and pull” tension going on here.


'Apogee (Emi Galvan Remix)'


FSOE drops yet another of its under-the-radar weapons that are shockingly good, this time with a remix that’s so impressive, it earned itself an independent release. Argentinian producer Emi Galvan refashions the darker, driving vibes of the Dyhlen original into a summery rework that retains the core musical ideas while simultaneously giving it a groovy coat of fresh paint. It’s the contrast between the light and dark elements that leave an impression.

Alex Morelli

'Beyond The Veil'

Alter Ego/Freegrant

Progressive trance on the groovier side of the spectrum, that establishes a nice, rolling energy and goes about it in a deadly serious fashion. The Freegrant imprint is a bottomless well for this kind of powerful progressive, though ‘Beyond The Veil’ stands out in particular. Morelli channels his build over several minutes, before pulling right back into an ethereal breakdown. It’s a prelude for launching into a peak that features some rather special melodic work.


'Black Day (Adam Beyer Remix)'

Embassy One

The Drumcode boss ventures even deeper into the murky territory of mass-appeal crowdpleasers than ever before. While it might draw on a certain starkness in the soundscapes, that points to his formidable history in militant techno, simultaneously, Beyer shows he’s definitely not too proud to indulge in trancey swells and dramatic buildups. Though perhaps a little too “functional” for its own good, the clever use of the Monolink vocal guarantees maximum festival impact.

Above & Beyond

'Is It Love? (Grum Remix)'


Grum drops back into the fray after keeping a low profile for the first half of the year, delivering a remix for his trio of label bosses that cleverly doesn’t overcomplicate things, focusing instead on dropping a payload of dancefloor oomph. It’s an extremely trancey rollercoaster ride of buildups and breakdowns, with a central riff that's big enough to break down doors (while demoting the vocal to support status). For all of its bombast, it’s fitted out with the sort of midtempo grooves that guarantee versatile appeal.

Brian Cid


Lost & Found

One of the progressive scene's signature producers returns to Lost & Found for a four-track EP, and it’s hard to overstate how good it really is. Lead track ‘Symbiosis’ is the most visceral, opening on a moody, ambient soundscape that doubles as a dancefloor buildup. When it eventually settles into a groove, this sense of momentum remains, evolving eventually into a trancey peak that equally carries a zen sense of calm. Elsewhere, the EP is crammed with low key atmospheric builders, the very best kind of DJ tools.