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Tech House - Single Reviews - 576

Singles - Tech House - Issue 576

Vibe Killers

Violator EP


Having recently graced Knee Deep In Sound, Material and Kaluki, the emerging UK duo hit the ground running with a powerful EP on the Hot Creations sub-label, Hottrax. Title track 'Violater' hits hard with a tightly wound percussive loop, obscure spoken vocals and a jilted melody transforming into a buzzing hook. They counter-balance this with 'The Situation'; a swung beat drives the track forward with a filtered loop emerging to send this one into main room territory. An unassuming dancefloor destroyer.

Dodi Palese

'Colourful Space EP'


The Italian producer and DJ debuts on his freshly launched label, Ràkale, with a varied four-track EP titled 'Colourful Space'. 'Elephant' is a brooding, layered and shimmering houser; 'Funkaroots' hypnotises with multiple synthesised components and a rumbling sub-bass; 'Colourful Space' delights with a carefree feel, bright synths and lo-fi drums; and Dodi wraps up the selection with a script-flipping cut of droning electronica and bloated drums on 'Atlantis'. Incredible!

David Scuba & Dance Spirit

'Dose EP'


Superfreq label head David Scuba links with Dance Spirit, who are known for their futurist minimal and deep techno, for an EP titled 'Dose'. It kicks off with a remix from No.19 co-founder, Nitin, taking hold of 'Prophecy' who turns in a slick, rolling slice of solar-flared deep house. 'Apotheosis' goes even deeper, coiling tension in a sparse soundscape of minimalism for seven-and-a-half minutes. The original 'Prophecy' then slams home a more energetic but equally mystifying sound palette.

Franck Roger

'Lottus EP'

Home Invasion

Frank drops three fantastic originals on his Home Invasion label. Leading out is the sluggish and textured deepness of 'Lottus'. The proto tech-house feelings of 'Air' will do some real damage on the dancefloor — this one will roll on for days! 'Christal' takes the direction back towards a deep but enlightening daytime terrace vibe. Rounding off the EP is 'My Name Is (Alexkid edit)', a looped string section builds and holds the tension throughout for this stimulating French house fancy.

Various Artists

'Repopulate Stars Pt.1'

Repopulate Mars

This V/A is a hefty selection of tech-house brilliance from DeMarzo; Mirko Di Florio; Pirupa; and Eli Brown. Standout tracks come from Andre Salmon, Sammy W & Alex E's 'Tobuxx', a pacy six-and-a-half-minute onslaught of rhythmic buzzing bass and hard-hitting hat-work; and Raffa FL's 'Loco' is another energy-fuelled cut formed of tribalistic drums, animalistic ambience, a looped vocal and a driving pulsed bass pattern. It's a top-drawer offering that's getting rinsed by all the main players.

Michel De Hey

'Smugglers Pants'


Michel de Hey is back on his own HEY! label after releases on King Street NYC and Ovum Recordings. He keeps it simple with 'Smugglers Pants', the single off his recent two-track EP of the same name, inspired by his favourite hang-out Thuishaven, Amsterdam. The track name may conjure all the wrong mental imagery but its quick to form a fresh imprint; the bassline transports you to a sumptuous ethereal breakdown before kicking back into low-riding bass business to finish.


'Swung Blind EP'

Moonless Air

This pair have long been turning out underground hits on labels like My Best Friend and Plumbum but here, launching their Moonless Air label, they supply two high-grade cuts of melody-infused tech-house. Up first, 'Icy Earth' crafts an intriguing melody against a big-room tech-house beat construct. Title track 'Swung Blind' is a mystical slow-burner; a bass pulse drives forward, underneath low-octave piano stabs, vocal wailings and incidental synth stabs that make for an unassuming club-poised cut.

Nex Tone

'The Habit EP'

Under No Illusion

The UNI camp champion a Mambo Ibiza resident for their latest release. Nex Tone aka Danny O'Sullivan supplies three lively tech house originals with the title track getting the remix treatment from hot property producer, Sirus Hood. With the sultry vocal tech-house title track, 'The Habit', leading the way and Sirus turning in a punchy remix, you'd think the job's a good'un, but flip-side tracks 'Amadeus' and 'Cataphonique' are choice cuts that'll enhance many a DJ set.

Archie Hamilton

'Wild Thing EP'

Moscow Records

The Fuse resident and Moscow Records' owner delivers an elegant solo EP on his label, which offers three subtly different moods with Archie's common signature of groove and sub-elements. EP opener, 'Confusion', is a composed, teched-out, heads-down, arms-up roller. 'Dos Equis' is a laidback funker with real bounce and a soft vocal, calling out “exstasssyyyyy”. The title track, 'Wild Thing' is a dubbed-out roller, supplying rock solid sub-bass and minimalistic percussion. A deliciously intelligent triplet from the Moscow man.