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Tech House - Single Reviews - 602

Singles - Tech House - Issue 602

Mason Collective

Art Is Long

Play It Say It

The Manny trio made big waves in 2019, and they begin the new decade with this month’s top spot on Troxler’s oh-so-consistent Play It Say It. The four-track EP of originals begins with the spritely, wobbly and tone-setting ‘That’s Gas’, then moves up a gear on the bass-bumping ‘Ready To Work’. They shift down into deeper realms on ‘Art Is Long’, before throwing down some serious heat with ‘Steezin’. Have a word!

The Mekanism

'Bless EP'

Too Many Rules

The in-form French producer follows up on his first dispatch for Javi Bora’s Too Many Rules imprint (mid-2019) with a sample-filled double single EP. Both tracks centre upon a mid-range melody, encapsulated in The Mekanism’s teched-out beats. ‘Bless’s three-note bass loop underpins a filtered brass sample and pumping house beats, while ‘In My Way’ makes you chase a falling four-note bassline, with Arno’s vocal influence nodding to the early-2000s dance sound.

Arkady Antsyrev

'Fill It EP'


Steve Bug’s no-frills house label makes it four for the (dance) floor. This two-track EP from Russian producer Arkady Antsyrev is a classic A-side and B-side styled release — lively on the A, hard-working and deeper on the B. This prolific young artist has an ear for purposed rhythms and crisp beats, and in 2019, he was on a run of form — a release a month by my count.

Ben Rau & Jansons

'Knee Deep EP'


Inkal/Meta boss Ben Rau drafts in compadre Jansons for a delicious first-time collaboration, and the label's first of the year. It’s a perfectly balanced two-track EP, with ‘The Player’ fronting a rolling acid style with added vocal energy, and the chunkier flipside cut, ‘Le Fonque’, with its unforgettable filtered bassline progression, arguably the killer track here.

James Solace

'Mind Music EP'

Hot Creations

Burnski returns to his James Solace alias for his Hot Creations debut: his first release under the name was an incredible remix of Seff ‘Needle To The Groove’ on Hottrax 18 months prior. Worth the wait? Most definitely! He shifts out four tip-top dancefloor ready tracks, the highlight being ‘Keep On’, with its infectious, swelling synth bass progression atop a crafty tech-house loop. That will be topping dance charts without a doubt. Nuff said...

Gemini 529

'One Gun EP'

Griffintown Records

The Venezuelan duo supply Griffintown with their energetic, upfront tech style — the two originals are both sides of the same coin, working hard from their low, rumbling bass to their highly active percussion. Darius Syrossian modifies ‘One Gun’ from a typical, chunky big room sound and delivers a clever, playful trip, while Paskal Daze overhauls ‘Scream & Shout' into a 2000s-esque, loop house belter.

Black Girl/White Girl

'Raw Trax 888 EP'

Food Music

BG/WG satiate Food Music with a heavy-set EP comprised of three originals and a remix from M.F.S. Observatory. Opener ‘ETi’ leans away from their signature thumping bass-centric sound: it still bangs, just less furiously than usual. Italian duo M.F.S. Observatory take ‘ETi’ deeper, a light chord stab joining the acid and vocals of the original. ‘Exoplanet’ continues the acid theme, while ‘Bigfoot’ ups the pace with some infectious low-end wiggle.

The Willers Brothers

'The Possibility EP'


The high-flying Berlin-based duo kick off 2020 with a tidy release on Sante’s AVOTRE imprint, having debuted on the label in March 2019, and having more recently created a remix of Sante’s ‘Lost Souls’. They craft a different dancefloor mood on each track, be it upfront club rollers like ‘Elevate’ or ‘Green Fingers’, and make it easy to lose yourself in the trippy ‘Ancient Aliens’. But the lead track, ‘The Possibility’ does things differently; a soulful garage instrumental with devilishly deep, bumping bass that will send it straight into the club terraces this summer.