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Arturia launches new MiniFuse soundcard range

Arturia launches new MiniFuse soundcard range

The new interfaces start at €99

Arturia has launched a new series of audio interfaces called MiniFuse. The new cards are designed with portability and affordability in mind, starting with the MiniFuse 1 which costs €99 and has one combi-jack input and two outs for each speaker. It also features phantom power, volume control and a headphone jack and knob. It’s got a USB-C output for connecting to the computer, and handily it also features a USB-A port for connecting a MIDI controller or any other device to the unit, rather than to the laptop, making sure there’s only one cable needed to collect your whole portable studio. 

The MiniFuse 2 is a similar story, with two combi jack inputs and two outputs, and round back it adds a MIDI DIN port for extra connectivity. There’s the same USB-A input and USB-C connector output. It comes in at €149. 

The 4 adds two extra ins, has four outs, two headphone jacks and two USB-A ins for extra kit. It also features an old school MIDI DIN. No word on pricing yet but the 4 will be available in 2022. 

All the interfaces come with a selection of software, including Ableton Live Lite, Guitar Rig 6 LE and Arturia’s own Analog Lab Intro and Arturia FX. There’s also a three-month Splice sub included. 

Find out more about the MiniFuse series here.