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Burning Man's live stream has now launched: Watch

Burning Man's live stream has now launched: Watch

Forget dehydration and dust storms by watching at home instead...

Burning Man's live stream has now launched for 2017, meaning anyone who didn't fancy spending nine days in the desert, or couldn't afford that luxury, can tune in from the comfort of their home. 

The festival-cum-temporary town- with the location dubbed 'Black Rock City'- usually begins on the last Sunday in August, finishing on the first Monday in September, and calls the baked earth of Pershing County, Nevada, home. This year marks its 34th edition, and footage will be broadcast for the duration. 

Originally starting life as a small gathering of friends on Baker Beach, San Francisco, this experimental community now attracts around 70,000 people annually, and is built on the core principles of radical inclusion, radical self-reliance, radical self-expression, gifting, community cooperation, civic responsibility, decommodification, participation, immediacy and leaving no trace. A giant effigy of a human is set alight on the Saturday night, hence its name. 

Renowned for its art installations and 'Mad Max'-style mutant vehicles, which attendees are invited to conceive and create themselves before registering for a license to drive around the dunes, attempting to describe what will take place on site over the week is impossible, which is part of the appeal. Over the years electronic music has formed an increasingly significant part of proceedings, hence it making our 2017 Festival Guide. Keep tabs on the action via the embed below, things are bound to get interesting.