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Q&A about life on the road...

Originally hailing from San Francisco, but now based in Germany, Lane 8 (aka Daniel Goldstein) has been making waves with his deep house sound on both sides of the pond for some time. His debut album ‘Rise’ was one of 2015’s highlights for the genre, releases mostly on Above & Beyond’s acclaimed Anjunadeep imprint, he’s remixed the likes of luminaries Eric Prydz and deadmau5 and his new This Never Happened label and tour are making an even bigger splash. The concept is simple yet effective for the live show:  be present and stay off the [social media] feed by staying off your phone. Combine that with top notch music and there’s no holding back Lane 8 as he finishes out 2016 with a relentless touring schedule of the US and Canada. Lucky for him, there’s loads of gluten-free pizza in both countries, and thus, his dream rider is making all his dreams come true…

Three essential tour items you don’t leave home without?
“Right now I'm in the middle of my debut This Never Happened tour throughout North America. It's a tour concept in which we don't allow any cameras or cell phone use inside the venue. So, what’s absolutely essential to this tour includes rolls and rolls of branded tape used to cover fans' phone cameras, thousands of This Never Happened business cards with printed instructions on them and banners with the This Never Happened artwork and logo that we use to decorate the venue and make it a bit more personal.”

Three tracks you’re most looking forward to dropping?
“At the moment, it’s between my remix for deadmau5’s ‘Strobe’, and an upcoming track from my label (also called This Never Happened) called ‘With Me’. I’ve also been playing Cirez D’s ‘Glow’ a lot.”

I love it at a show when…
“… people disconnect from reality, enter a completely different world and experience live music in all of its communal glory - ideally making new friends in the process and having the best time of their lives.”

I hate it at a show when…
“… the audience uses their phones to excessively record the most well-known tracks in a set. Frustration over the increasing use of cameras and cell phones in clubs has inspired our new tour concept just mentioned.”

Choice of on-tour refreshment?
“Club soda with lime. If I have friends at the show I'll usually open a bottle of champagne, but I avoid drinking at every single show as I'm playing three-four times a week; that could get very ugly, very quickly.”

Party into the night or back to the hotel?
“Back to the hotel; my ‘party into the night’ days are long gone! I couldn't play as many shows as I do without getting at least a decent night of sleep after each show.”

When I’m at the airport I will always…
“… remember to tweet out set times for that night's show.” 

Most memorable tour experience to date?
“There are two that stand out: Holy Ship, which was an incredible immersive experience that heavily influenced our current touring concept (and had a Blackjack table!), and the first This Never Happened show in San Francisco at the Mezzanine, a venue I long dreamed of headlining and was extremely proud that we smashed!”

What one thing would you love on your rider but are too afraid/polite to ask for?
“I already get teased a lot for my rider, which includes such outrageous luxuries as vegetables with hummus and a fruit plate. If I really wanted to be annoying though, I'd put a gluten-free pizza on there.”

Words: Yael Tamar