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FeelGoodSmalls gets the party started with her Fresh Kicks mix

FeelGoodSmalls gets the party started with her Fresh Kicks mix

Canadian up-and-comer drops house bombs...

FeelGoodSmalls joins the long list of top up-and-coming artists who've contributed to our Fresh Kicks series this week.

First popping up on our rader when she scored second place in the Miller Genuine Draft Soundclash World DJ Competition in 2015, FeelGoodSmalls (Martha Eva) impressed again when she span down at DJ Mag HQ last year.

Having relocated from Toronto to London and swapped her trap/tropical stylings for deeper, more soulful house grooves, Martha is about to drop her debut single ‘Lose Control’ via Universal.

A track that wouldn’t sound out of place on the Eton Messy YouTube Channel, 'Lose Control' features pitched down R&B crooning from vocalist Charlie Black, over tinkering minor chords and a slick bassline drop — enough to mark out Martha as the next truly marketable talent on the nu-house block.

For her Fresh Kicks submission, Martha is in full-on party mode, dropping a slick blend of bass, tech and jackin' house, garage and even a sneaky touch of her tropical roots. Check out the mix below and head to the FeelGoodSmalls Facebook for all the latest.

Last record you bought?
Carol King 'Tapestry​'

Last film you saw?
In the theatre, Hidden Figures​

Last club you visited?
The Miranda in Shoreditch​

Last meal you ate?
Grapes (right now as I type)​

Last car you drove?
I haven't driven in over a year, UK driving scares me too much!​

Last album you listened to in full?
Sampha 'Process'

Last mix you downloaded?
Let's say streamed.... Magic Tape 69 (it just dropped ​5 hours ago!)

Last person you played back-to-back with?
Willson Sounds​

Last country you visited?
Miami, Florida, USA​

Last dream you remember?
I rarely remember my dreams.... is that normal?