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Folamour announces new album, ‘The Journey’

Folamour announces new album, ‘The Journey’

Listen to the title track now

Folamour has announced a new album.

French DJ, producer and label boss Folamour, who has released records via iabels such as City, Classic, Church and Glitterbox, will release a new album via his own FHUO imprint later this year.

Serving as Folamour's third album, 'The Journey' will be released in late June, and features collaborations with the likes of UK-born artist SG Lewis and South London soul singer, Tertia May. 

Ahead of the album's release, Folamour has shared the title track today (19th March) which features Zimbabwean vocalist, Zeke Manyika, who also played drums in '80s Scottish post-punk band Orange Juice.

Speaking about the LP, Folamour said: “I composed this album in metropolises and no man's land, inspired by moments that marked me, changed me, feelings that I could carry strong within me, trials and surprises.

"To express all these emotions, I deeply changed my way of composing, a change that I had already started with my second album 'Ordinary Drugs', putting aside samples and computers and concentrating on writing texts, recording strings and brass, drums, voice too, in order to be as close as possible to the moment I wanted to represent. I set no limits on format or genre, allowing me the freedom to choose the right tool for the picture.”

Check out the album's tracklist and listen to new single 'The Journey' below.

  1. Folamour - Ono Waterfall
  2. Folamour ft. Zeke Manyika - The Journey
  3. Folamour - Resonate
  4. Folamour ft. Tertia May - Rue de Paradis
  5. Folamour - Latécoère
  6. Folamour ft. SG Lewis - Lost In Space 
  7. Folamour - St. Moskov
  8. Folamour - Truth 
  9. Folamour - We Gotta Wake This World Up From Its Sleep
  10. Folamour - My Brother's Keeper
  11. Folamour - La Fin Des Vacances
  12. Folamour - Just Want Happiness (out now)

(Photo: Baptiste Le Quiniou)