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Foreign artist visa fee to increase by over 50% in US

Foreign artist visa fee to increase by over 50% in US

The two visa types will rise by over $200 each

Visas for visiting foreign artists in the U.S. are set to increase by over 50% in the coming months.

Announced last week, foreign artists wanting to tour in the U.S. will have be hit with higher visa application fees, and longer processing times, from next month.

The changes will affect both the P and O visa, which are generally used by touring artists, from the 2nd October. The visas allow artists to return to the country within one and three years respectively.

Filing fees for an O visa, which covers “Individuals with Extraordinary Ability or Achievement”, will increase from from $460 to $705, a rise of 53%. The P visa, which an also be used by family members of the individuals, will increase by 51% to a total cost of $695.

Music Tech News also reported that visa application waiting times will increase to 15 business days, with a fast track service costing over $1000 available to those wishing to speed up the process.

Earlier this year, a statement from the UK Home Office revealed that artists, including DJs and touring bands, as well as sports players, would be subject to new visa rules when the Brexit transition period finishes in December 2020. From January 2021, free movement between the UK and EU will cease, meaning that all artists, and their crews, will require a Tier 5 visa in order to perform in the UK. This will also apply to festivals, cultural events, promotional activity and competitions. The change will also mean the visa will be needed for artists to attend workshops, and to give talks about their work.

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