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A Fyre Festival attendee is suing Netflix

A Fyre Festival attendee is suing Netflix

Austin Mills claims Netflix used his footage without permission

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A Fyre Festival attendee is suing Netflix for using his filmed footage without permission.

The well-documented Fyre Festival disaster from 2017, that left paying festival go-ers stranded on a private island in the Bahamas, was made into a documentary and released on the streaming platform in January this year.

Austin Mills claims that producers of the Fyre Festival documentary asked for permission to use his footage, which showed shocked festival go-ers arriving to the scene in a 15 second clip. When Mills refused the producers rights to the footage, it was taken down Youtube and featured in the final documentary.

The documentary has already faced three lawsuits, one of which attendee Clarissa Cardenas filed after an image was used without permission, and now Netflix is under scrutiny for another copyright infringement.

There have been no updates in the status of Mills' case.

In July, the private Bahamas island used in Fyre Festival's promotional video was listed for sale at $11.8 million dollars.

Earlier this year, a judge ruled that Ja Rule would not be held accountable for promoting the fraudulent festival.