Strap in for an epic journey through drum & bass...

Philth — aka Phil Robinson — has delivered an absolute whopper of mix for our latest DJ Mag Weekly Podcast!

Despite what his name may suggest, Philth likes to keep varied, happily dropping liquid, jungle and harder styles in his sets, while his personal catalogue boasts the likes Dispatch Recordings, Flexout Audio, Vandal, C.I.A. Deep Kut and his own Peer Pressure imprint, amongst others.

For his podcast, Philth's rounded up the finest drum & bass of the past 12 months (plus a cheeky bonus coming out later this year), picking out no less than 174 tracks for your perusal. With so much on offer, we thought it best to leave it to Phil to introduce the mix himself, so get comfortable and prepare to celebrate 2016 in style...

"I’ve been DJing d&b for over 15 years, and I’ve done an End Of Year Mix for a fair few of those years now, picking my favourites from each month and mixing them in a rough chronological order. I really enjoy looking back on the year, remembering my favourites, putting some back into my folders for gigs and just taking some time to appreciate all the music I love. At first it was five tunes per month, but every year there are more and more tracks that I want to include, and this time it has got out of hand. This mix features 174 tracks, mixed at 174bpm — maybe it was fate? 

"We live in a world of social media and people love a good moan... Every day I see people complaining that neuro has lost the funk, that nobody makes classics any more, that it all sounds the same, people are copying each other, who is DJ Guv...? I prefer to look at it positively — the days of the huge anthems that everybody plays are gone because there is so much music being made within each sub-genre that every DJ can find their niche and play their own style.

"This is how house and techno has always been, but in DnB 10-15 years ago we had all the top DJ’s playing the same anthems. I prefer where we are at now. Our music has got to an age where the sub-genres are pulling in different directions and have got so stretched that they are almost becoming scenes of their own. Again, I think this is generally a good thing — ravers can hone in on a sound that they love, and artists can be true to themselves, do their thing and find their crowd. 

"Personally I love to swing between different styles so I have so much good music to choose from. And that’s what this mix is, my favourite drum & bass across a range of styles — soulful, deep, tech rollers, harder neuro, with a few sprinkles of jump-up, jungle and experimental beats. I’m not trying to represent the biggest sellers, this is simply the music I love, and for me this is where underground d&b is at heading into 2017. Enjoy the mix, and I hope you discover some gems that passed you by the first time around. — Philth."

First dance music song you loved?
"The Prodigy 'No Good'"

First club you went to?

First label you loved?
"Renegade Hardware"

First piece of tech you bought?

"Technics SL 1210s"

First DJ you worshipped?
"DJ Hype"

First club you played in? 
"Rhythm Factory, London"

First wax you bought?
"Ed Rush & Optical 'Medicine' (Matrix Remix)"

First band you saw?
"East 17 hahaha!"

First apartment you lived in?
"In Ealing Common with Dax J"

First vinyl shop you loved?
"Blackmarket Records (the home of d&b)"

First car you owned?
"My Oyster card"

First London club you loved?

First album you played 10 times?
"Goldie 'Timeless'"

First time you went to Ibiza?
"Still waiting, maybe this year?"


Dawn Wall 'Spears' / 'Longshanks'
Lenzman 'Cherry Blossom' / 'Got My Mind Made Up'
Soul Intent '1, 2, 3, 4 (feat. DJ Tango)' / 'Go Hustle'
Battery 'Hornsey Dub'
Mikal feat Xtrah 'At The Controls'
QBig & Zenith B 'Heptine'
Ed:it & Pennygiles 'Set Theory (Ulterior Motive Remix)'
Agressor Bunx 'Rhodium' / 'The Order'
Audio 'Drop It Human'
Mefjus 'Suicide Bassline VIP'

Zombie Cats 'Shakaree'
Konichi 'Contraband'
Nymfo 'Marching Machines' / 'Pitchfork'
Goldie presents Rufige Kru 'Dark Rider (SCAR remix)'
Malaky & Satl 'Her'
Olski & Blaztiks 'The Promise'
Facing Jinx feat. Formik 'Drifting'
Ivy Lab & Alix Perez 'Maiden'
Calibre feat. DJ Marky 'Amen Tune'
Facing Jinx feat. Peta Oneir 'Meet You There'
Need For Mirrors 'Tanlines'

Random Movement 'Sleazy Bitch (Ivy Lab Remix)'
Random Movement feat. Collette Warren 'Same Old Feelings'
Zero T 'Withstand' / 'To Close To See (feat. Steo)'
Philth feat. Collette Warren 'Water'
Quadrant & NC-17 'Dub Central' / 'Living A Lie'
Drumsound & Bassline Smith 'Cobra'
Ulterior Motive 'Radian'
Current Value 'Biocellulose'
Dub Head 'Original Massive'
Break 'Winter Rain'
Total Science 'Soul For Sale'
Northern Zone 'Soul Is Still The Same'
Bad Company UK 'Equilibrium'

Signal 'No Control' / 'Ennair' / 'Blindfolded'
Aperio 'Falling Down'
Facing Jinx 'All My Love'
Bungle 'Enclosure'
HLZ 'Corals'
Seba 'Hide The Tears'
Nymfo 'Everyday Emotions'
The Vanguard Project 'Driftwood' / 'Rhode House'
John B 'Lie To Me' / 'Colossus'
Dexta 'SE4 (The Ends)'
Serum 'Species'
Mindscape 'Buzzkill'
Machine Code 'Planet 9'
Philth 'Your Love (SCAR remix)' / 'Yeti'
HLZ 'No Peace'

Current Value 'Pelham 123'
Machine Code 'Test Run'
Emperor 'Sidestep'
Mayhem and Logam 'Centuria (Amoss Remix)'
Amoss 'Rollpipe 2016'
Dabs 'Thematic'
Voltage & Nicky Blackmarket 'Dub Tickles'
Artificial Intelligence 'Ghost Raccoon' / 'Shrine'
Calibre 'Under Bars'
FD 'More Than Ever'
Response and Pilskin 'Code 98'
The Upbeats & Ivy Lab 'Pharaoh'
Spirit 'Consciousness'

Changing Faces feat. Ero Drummer
'All That You Got'
Satl 'Girl' / 'You and I'
Phil Tangent 'Drawing You' / 'Mea Culpa'
Handra 'Far Away (Ed:it Remix)'
Arkaik 'Chu Kou' / 'Shapes (feat. Signal)'
Hydro & War 'Film Noir'
Audio 'Ambush'
Murdock 'Original'
Audio 'Overdose'
Volatile Cycle 'Subcurrent'
L 33 'Clublife' / 'Grime All The Time'

Jam Thieves 'Genesis' / 'Lustig'
Bredren feat. MC Swift 'The Legion'
Alix Perez & Skeptical 'Elephant Dreams'
Alix Perez 'Had I Known'
Data 3 feat. Blake 'Caught In The Moment'
Soligen & Type 2 'Chasing Clouds'
PFM 'Drifting On By'
Technimatic feat. Jono McCleery 'Hold On a While'
SCAR 'Fractions'
SCAR feat. Naomi Pryor 'If You Knew'
Conduct 'Meraki'
GLXY 'Make Me Feel (Phil Tangent Remix)'

MC Fats Collective feat. Squarewave & DRS 'Rolling Day (Philth Remix)'
Need For Mirrors 'Rough Trade'
Noisia 'Anomaly' / 'Tentacles'
The Upbeats 'Joyrider'
Optiv & BTK 'Inception (Gydra remix)'
Maztek 'Grinder'
Bass Brothers feat. Jam Thieves 'Pusher'
dBridge & Alix Perez 'Through My Eyes'
Pola & Bryson 'A Good Thing' / 'Run From You (feat. Sammie Bella)'
Gerra & Stone feat. Lucy Kitchen & Stephen McCleery 'Unbreakable (Zero T Remix)'
A-Sides feat. Aletta 'Voices'

Lenzman 'African Dream'
Mutated Forms 'Affectionate'
DLR 'Thinking About Tomorrow' / 'PYOYB'
Dawn Wall 'Ember' / 'I See U'
Chromatic 'Smile'
GLXY 'Expressions and Impressions (feat. Peta Oneir)' / 'Seductress'
Philth feat. Daniela Rhodes 'Perpetual Motion'
Ed:it 'Babylon Step' / 'Isolution'
Philth & Collette Warren 'Don’t Let Go VIP'
Narxy One 'Hydrogen'
Disprove 'Damage'

Signal 'Parallax'
Melinki x Verva 'Jumanji'
Alix Perez & Zero T 'Enemy Of Reason' / 'The Ladders'
Dom and Roland 'Outcast'
Fierce & Zero T 'Axis' / 'Always Something'
Break 'The Rush'
Dom and Roland feat. Hive 'DMT'
Digital 'Crater Face'
Dom and Roland 'A New Renegade'
Mohican Sun 'Where Did You Go'
Utah Jazz 'Growth Comes'
Satl 'Rescue Me'

LSB 'Missing You (feat. Tyler Daly and DRS)' / 'Sketch For My Sweetheart'
Artificial Intelligence 'Dreams Of Freedom'
Wyman 'Call Sign'
Zero T feat. Steo 'Ever Need'
Kimyan Law feat Phentix 'Mondegreen'
Alix Perez 'The Raven'
DLR 'When Tribes Collide' / 'Trip Up' / 'Science Funktion' / 'Journey To Mars'
Survival 'Trespass'
OneMind feat. Ulterior Motive 'Early Evolution'
Mefjus and Emperor 'Sanity Check'

M-Zine, Bredren & Sceptikz 'Then Suddenly'
DLR & Ant TC1 'The Grip (DLR’s Tripping VIP)'
Nymfo 'Coming Through (Quadrant, Ant TC1 & Iris remix)'
Philth & Agman Gora 'Death From Below'
GLXY 'Overwatch'
HLZ feat. Awaken 'From The Past'
Survival & Script 'Sahara'
Total Science vs. Digital & Spirit 'Jigsaw'
Riya feat. Total Science & Frank H Carter III 'Confessions (Break Remix)'
GLXY 'Astoria'
Riya feat. Philth 'Silhouette'
Blu Mar Ten 'Last Life In The Universe'

Sense MC feat. Philth 'Sinatra' 

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Photo by Chelone Wolf.