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Richie Hawtin talks techno in a new interview: Listen

Richie Hawtin talks techno in a new interview: Listen

Clear your day for this three-hour special…

Richie Hawtin has opened up about techno and his top tracks of 2017 in a new interview with the BBC. You can listen to it below.

The three-hour Christmas Special with B.Traits was dedicated exclusively to the techno technician.   

The mood for the interview is established with two Hawtin mixes, the second recorded at the Maida Vale studios. The conversation between Hawtin and Traits commencing around the 1:49:10 mark.

B.Traits wastes no time in asking for a tech walkthrough, Hawtin initially explaining, “There is definitely a lot of things going on and I wouldn’t say that I use everything at every show; sometimes I focus on one thing more than another.”

The cutting-edge artist then breaks down the pre-recorded and live elements within the arrangement and how this impacts the visual and overall experiences of these improvisational explorations. Hawtin demonstrating his Model 1 mixing techniques for Traits, a skill witnessed during his CLOSE dates.

While speaking about his recent large-scale appearances, Hawtin dropped some insights into varying expectations between rock and dance music.

“People go to see a rock band and they expect to see their eight favorite songs,” he said. “And maybe they tweak a little bit but they don’t go too far.

“But, at the heart of DJing it’s about living in that moment and playing new records and trying to create something that doesn’t really exist.” The DJ/producer then mentioning the current live visual experience is an evolution of the Plastikman experience.

To hear the tracks that [kept] bubbling up for Hawtin throughout 2017, and how the master selector finds these cuts, be sure to stay locked in through the final hour of the special.

Listen to the the complete interview via BBC here.