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Mani Festo obliterates bass bins with his Fresh Kicks mix

Mani Festo obliterates bass bins with his Fresh Kicks mix

Durkle Disco-affiliate drops bass, jungle and dub...

Mani Festo makes his solo debut via Durkle Disco this month, so to celebrate, he's knocked up an eclectic Fresh Kicks mix that's guaranteed to have your neighbours banging down the door — hopefully to join the party, not just yell about the bass!

Best known as one half of Swamp 81 outfit Cousin — alongside Mia Mouse — Nick Marks first shone a light on his solo moniker via some stripped-back collab work with Sheffield’s Denham Audio (listen to the trio's own Fresh Kicks here). 

Now back on Bristol's boundary breaking Durkle Disco label, Marks offers up his 'Fallout' EP, featuring three tracks of neck-snapping percussion and murderous low-end.

For his Fresh Kicks offering, Marks is showing off his genre-hopping tendancies, drawing for raw UK bass, jungle and devilish dub — plus we're told there's some unheard Durkle goodies hidden away in there, so ears out for future killers!

Check out Mani Festo's mix in full below and head to the Durkle Disco Bandcamp to pick it up his new EP from 28th July.

Last record you bought?
"Intense 'First Contact (1996 Intelligent Jungle)'"

Last film you saw?
"Babylon (1980)"

Last club you visited?
"Phonox in Brixton for Metalheadz"

Last meal you ate?
"Chili Con Carne Stuffed Peppers" 

Last car you drove?
"Peugeot 306 Estate"

Last album you listened to in full?
"Aphex Twin 'Selected Ambient Works (85 - 92)'"

Last mix you downloaded?
"Tim Reaper's Welcome to Globex Corp"

Last person you played back-to-back with?
"Denham Audio"

Last vinyl you spun?
"Ed Rush & Optical 'Alien Girl'"

Last country you visited?

Last dream you remember?
"Waking up in my flat and all the doors are in different places, someone is trying to break in and I’m trying to figure out if I’m awake or still dreaming…" 

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