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Moog announce new analogue synth SUBsequent 37

Moog announce new analogue synth SUBsequent 37

The Sub 37 gets a bigger brother 

Moog have upgraded their award-winning paraphonic synth Sub 37 with the SUBsequent 37, discontinuing the original model. With a new mixer stage featuring double the headroom of the original, an improved keybed, a redesigned Multidrive stage as well as a tweaked ladder filter for extra harmonic saturation, the SUBsequent 37 builds on what was already an extremely powerful synth. Like the first itieration, the SUBsequent 37 is paraphonic, allowing users to control the pitch of both oscillators independently, for psuedo-polyphony. 

There's also a new high-powered headphone amp and a software editor for Mac and PC, making the Subsequent 37 Moog's new standard. Hear how the upgraded synth sounds in the video below and if you like what you hear it can be ours for $1,499. If you're priced out of the SUBsequent 37, try Roland's new Boutique SH-01A for a mono alternative, or if you're looking for a Moog clone, Behringer's Model D clone might be the one for you