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A new book on how to DJ will be published this month

A new book on how to DJ will be published this month

Learn how to beat match, scratch and use effects  

FutureDJs How To DJ book
FutureDJs How To DJ book

A new book on how to DJ is being published this month.

FutureDJs' book 'How To DJ' is described as "the complete resource for anyone interested in the alchemy of mixing records".

According to a press release, it is "aimed at the aspiring student with no prior knowledge as well as DJs looking to extend their skills and explore new genres". 

Written by FutureDJs authors Austen Smart, Scott Smart and Tom Dent - who also teach DJing in schools - the guide covers beat-matching, advanced mixing techniques, using effects and scratching

It features step-by-step instructions, diagrams, guides to genres and features comments from professional DJs.

To accompany the book Future DJs have produced a downloadable piece of audio where "every skill can be practised in a range of genres from house, techno and trance to grime, trap, hp-hop and drum 'n' bass". 

FutureDJs’ mission is "to make music accessible to all young people and provide them with the world’s best electronic music education. 

"By teaching relevant, engaging and accessible courses in DJ-ing, music production and more, they hope to help young people discover music and themselves."

Austen and Scott Smart founded FutureDJs in 2016 after the AQA exam board began recognising DJ decks as a musical instrument.

More UK exam boards now recognise DJ decks as an instrument and there is a growing demand from students to take DJ-ing at GCSE.

FutureDJs' visiting music tutors teach DJ-ing and music production in schools across the UK, offering a programme that covers elements from style, structure and tempo to timing, rhythm and scales.

The book will be available to buy on Amazon from 19th February. 

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