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New Prince exhibition opens at London's O2

New Prince exhibition opens at London's O2

The exhibition showcases the late singer's life...

A new Prince exhibition called My Name Is Prince opened today at London's O2.

The exhibition showcases the late singer's many stage personas and celebrates his life and music, from the 1980s Purple Rain phase, through to Sign of the Times and more.

Hundreds of Prince's personal possessions from the late singer's iconic Paisley Park compound have been shipped over to London for the exhibition.

The exhibition has been shaped by Prince's sister Tyka Nelson, who says that her brother would have liked the exhibition as "its Paisley scaled down, like a dolls house".

Speaking about Prince’s ongoing legacy, Nelson said: “The Prince I knew was different from Prince the performer. To me he was always just a little kid up there doing what he always did since we were little at home, playing music with Mum and Daddy, no different.

“But he just always did his own thing and he encouraged me, other people, all of his friends, all of the world to be themselves. Black, white, skinny, fat, tall, thin, he wanted everyone to have that I-don’t-care attitude if you like it then I like it.

“I think he got that from my mother,” she added. “She would paint and we’d come in and ask, ‘what the heck is that?’ and she’d go, ‘it’s an abstract,’ because that was her interpretation of it and she felt that was as legitimate as anything.”

The centrepiece of the show is a stage shaped like the distinctive Love symbol, which he decided to change his name to in 1993 – becoming known as The Artist Formerly Known as Prince for the next seven years.

Some of his most famous outfits, including those he wore in his O2 arena shows are displayed on the stage alongside footage from his tours.

My Name Is Prince is at the O2 until 7th January.

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