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New university course in Electronic Music & Business launched in UK

New university course in Electronic Music & Business launched in UK

Just Her and Prok | Fitch are some of the names behind the course

A new university course in Electronic Music & Business* has been launched in the UK.

WaterBear - The College of Music in Brighton has launched a brand new course in Electronic Music & Business, fully accredited and approved by Falmouth University, and covering a vast range of modules built on three fundamental elements: music, career, and projects.

The course will be delivered onsite and online, and has been curated by the some of the UK's key players, including Brighton Music Conference founder, Billy Mauseth, DJ and producer Just Her, James Fitchett AKA Prok | Fitch, and veteran producer Tim Belcher.

The modules include music production, performance, music business, one-to-one mentoring and access to professional studios, and work experience, which will include work at leading radio stations, record labels, festivals, and live events.

Students will study across a citywide campus in the heart of Brighton, with facilities including two Apple Mac suites, recording & mix studios, rehearsal rooms, and of course WaterBear’s very own seafront venue.

Learn more about the course via Waterbear's website. To arrange a personal one-to-one consultation for the course, you can email For those who choose to study the course fully online, a £750 studio grant and a Slate ‘all access bundle’ is provided so electronic music producers can learn and work on their own equipment.

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*subject to approval Spring 2021