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Rampage and Snowbombing festivals both cancelled amid coronavirus concerns

Rampage and Snowbombing festivals both cancelled amid coronavirus concerns

The two festivals are the latest in a series of events to be postponed or cancelled in the last fortnight

Rampage and Snowbombing have both cancelled their upcoming respective festivals in light of the recent novel coronavirus outbreak, or COVID-19.

Following in the footsteps of Ultra Abu Dhabi and Ultra Miami, as well as Tomorrowland's Winter edition, and SXSW, Rampage and Snowbombing have now been postponed and cancelled respectively.

Rampage, which was due to take place in Belgium this weekend, has been forced to postpone until September 2020, following an outbreak of COVID-19 in the country.

Snowbombing also announced that due to crowd restrictions in place from the Austrian government, the event which was scheduled to take place in September has now been cancelled. It will be the first time in 21 years that Snowbombing has not gone ahead.

Read the full statements from Rampage and Snowbombing below.

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The Belgian authorities have at long last decided to cancel all events after all. This couldn’t have come at a worst time for us, and we imagine, for you. While the build for the event was still ongoing, we have been preparing for this news all night and all morning, in order to find a solution that can ensure Rampage does not go bankrupt after the million+ euros loss we will be suffering, as well as still providing you with your 2020 highlight. We are looking for a new date for Rampage 2020 and we will be moving it to September of this year, with many of not all of the same artists, the same production plans and even a few extras since we now have 6 more months to come up with more cool stuff. Tickets for this weekend’s cancelled event will all stay valid for the next date. We can now only hope that the Belgian government takes the right decisions to effectively contain the virus and makes sure that all public gatherings are limited or forbidden and not just parties for young people are outlawed. We have been overwhelmed by the amount of support we have received from our Soldiers and even from fellow promotors, label owners, booking agents, press and artists. We feel terrible it as come to this point, and that we will all have to wait another six months for the thing we have worked for all year, the event you all have been looking forward to for so long. If you do decide to come to Antwerp, please take care of each other, be safe and enjoy your time here. We are not allowed to be involved in any rogue party situation so we won’t be able to whip up something for the Soldiers in town in a local club or outdoor space. But if you decide to do so anyway, please make sure you take care of your fellow Soldiers. We will update you very soon about the next date and the new plans. For now, take care, and much love from the team

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