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Shifted drops mysterious techno on the DJ Mag Weekly Podcast

Shifted drops mysterious techno on the DJ Mag Weekly Podcast

Warehouse vibes from the Avian boss... 

Shifted heads into deep into the mists of techno's outer territories on the latest edition of the DJ Mag Weekly Podcast.

Originally one half of renowned UK drum & bass outfit, Commix, Guy Brewer launched his Shifted alias in 2011 with an EP for Luke Slater's Mote-Evolver, switching to techno full-time after the duo split the following year.

Under the moniker, and now based in the techno haven that is Berlin, Brewer set about experimenting at the industrial end of the spectrum, putting out both nosebleed stompers and minimal, paranoid efforts via the likes of Bed Of Nails, Our Circula Sound, and his own Avian imprint, through which he's overseen releases from SHXCXCHCXSH, 400ppm, Peder Mannerfelt, Sigha and more.

Most recently, Brewer returned to his Drifting Over label — an outlet dedicated to his own music — with three coarse, eerie tracks built for long nights in dark warehouses.

It's a sound Brewer brings to the fore on his DJ Mag podcast, blending mysterious creations from artists such as Rrose, Mike Parker, Neel and Von Grall, resulting an enrapturing mix awash with subtle intricacies and buzzing earworm synths. Check out the full tracklist below the stream.


Von Grall 'Tracking Happiness'
Neel 'Lahar'
Singing Sands 'Khongorin Els'
Anthoney Linell 'Fractal Vision'
Mod 21 'Barra Nayek (Mike Parker Version)'
Steve Bicknell 'Harmonious Balance'
Rhyw 'Pasajul'
Von Grall 'A Secant Line'
Neel 'The Vancori Complex'
Evigt Mörker 'Ogat Av Regn'
Smear 'Transect (Patrick Walker version)'
Rrose 'Nest Of Queens'
Lewis Fautzi 'Optic Chiasm'
Nima Khak 'The Work Out'
Neel 'Souls On The Run'
Mike Parker 'Night Of 21 Hours'
Kike Pravda 'Orbital Motion'
Slam 'Visual Capture (Luke Slater version)'


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