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UK government outlines plans to protect music venues

UK government outlines plans to protect music venues

Proposes to change planning policies in favour of existing businesses…

The UK government has released a new whitepaper focused on fixing the country’s current housing crisis, and buried away in the annex is a spot of good news for music lovers.

Under a section titled “Noise and other impacts on new developments”, the paper details a proposal to amend current planning policies to “take account of existing businesses and other organisations, such as churches, community pubs, music venues and sports clubs,” in the earliest stages of planning, and when necessary to “mitigate the impact of noise and other potential nuisances arising from existing development.”

This is, of course, simply a proposal at this stage, and does only state if enacted the changes will only “help mitigate the risk of restrictions or possible closure of existing businesses and other organisations due to noise and other complaints from occupiers of new developments” — no promises then!

However, within the same section, the ‘agents of change’ principle (those causing change are responsible for its impact) is emphasised, adding, “existing businesses wanting to grow should not have unreasonable restrictions put on them because of changes in nearby land uses since they were established.” In terms of music venues, this would suggest that if an existing club wanted to expand after a new development has already gone up, the original business should be looked upon more favourably.

These changes could potentially help save clubs and other live music venues up and down the country, particularly in London, where together with the increased focus on the nighttime economy introduced with the appointment of Night Czar, Amy Lamé, supportive measures could have significant impact on the city’s bruised club scene.

Lamé recently spoke to DJ Mag about her plans and the agents of change principle in the wake of Fabric's successful battle to reclaim its license.

Meanwhile, the introduction of new mega venue, Printworks London, could be ushering in a new era of clubbing in the capital, find out what the launch could mean for London here.

(Image: Danny North)