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Milton Keynes

Inspired by jungle legends, the prominent journalist was a regular DJ throughout the ‘90s

It tells the full story of the all-night Milton Keynes club that ran from 1991 to 2004

"Your light burns bright, your energy will never fade"

"This one’s for Keef!”

The Prodigy shared on social media that they are “back on the beats”

The release coincides with the screening of The Prodigy's 2010 Milton Keynes performance

The film will stream worldwide next week

The grime pioneer will play seven gigs in August

Prodigy expert Martin James meets Liam Howlett and some Prodigy devotees to discover what makes these electro punks so special...

The Prodigy’s fans — nicknamed the Ant Army — are some of the most dedicated for any band. Ahead of their new album, Prodigy expert Martin James talks to producer Liam Howlett and some of their most passionate followers about what makes these electro punks so special...

We examine how the protest album changed the fate of Braintree's biggest export...

DJ Mag's new Solid Gold series revisits and examines the ongoing significance and influence of electronic albums throughout history. In our latest edition, DJ Mag regular Joe Roberts discusses how The Prodigy's second album, 'Music For The Jilted Generation', refined the Braintree trio as a voice of youth protest during a turbulent time in British history...