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Point Blank

From: Breda, Netherlands
For fans of: Dead Man’s chest, FFF, Sully 
Three tunes: ‘More Massiv’, ‘Adventures In Perception’, ‘Wish We Didn’t’

From: Breda, Netherlands
For fanof: Dead Man’s chest, FFF, Sully 
Three tunes: ‘More Massiv’, ‘Adventures In Perception’, ‘Wish We Didn’t’

From: Exeter, Devon

For fans of: Swindle, LV, J Dilla

Three tunes: ‘State of Flow’, ‘First Place Loser’, ‘Whiteboard Jungle’

From: Exeter, Devon

For fans of: Swindle, LV, J Dilla

Three tunes: ‘State of Flow’, ‘First Place Loser’, ‘Whiteboard Jungle’

Get acquainted with Paris' breakthrough purveyor of relentless techno...

From: Paris, France

For Fans Of: Perc, Slam, Dax J

Three Tunes: 'Universe of 90s Techno Parties', ‘Strange Mind’ ‘Voltage'

Get acquainted with Croydon's beatsmith supreme, Deft...

From: Croydon, UK
For Fans Of: Stray, Commodo, Shlohmo
Three Tunes: ‘For Sudden’, ‘Around’, ‘Scope’

Words: Ben Hunter 

Get acquainted with New York's bass innovator, Doctor Jeep...

From: New York City, NY, USA
For fans of: Fixate, Om Unit, Sam Binga
Three tunes: ‘Vault Of Glass’, ‘Dissociate’, ‘Press F’