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Blue Microphones drop two new headphones

Blue Microphones drop two new headphones

Hitting the streets mid-May...

Blue Microphones are branching out with the release of two new headphones, titled Ella and Sadie.

Well known in production circles for their range of excellent microphones, Blue have now turned their attention to the headphone market, and they are taking a unique approach to their new range of cans.

Ella is the first headphone to offer planar magnetic sound technology with a built-in 250mW audiophile amp. The amp works alongside the custom matched drivers to deliver amazing sound quality on your phone, laptop or tablet. Plus, you can personalise the listening experience with three all-analog amp modes, including one that restores the low-end character to vinyl-era music.

Sadie uses a double sided 50mm driver, slightly more conventional than Ella’s planar magnetic driver, and also comes with a built in amp to deliver great sound quality.

The rechargeable battery on both models offers up to 12 hours of play-back with the amp engaged, but the headphones can still operate in standard mode when the battery is flat, so your musical listening marathon won’t be disturbed if you run out of juice.

Both the new phones feature a “reinvented headband construction” for a better fit and improved comfort over long listening periods.

Ella and Sadie will be available mid-May.

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