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Check out our new In the Studio Video with Pig & Dan

Check out our new In the Studio Video with Pig & Dan

As they explain some crucial production tips

DJ Mag Tech went in to the studio to see how Pig and Dan make it happen, the duo have been a mainstay on the house and techno scene for over a decade, their productions have graced many a dance floor and they court many top name DJs as admirers of their sound. We get an up close and personal view on how they work in the studio and how they go about producing their dance floor fillers.

Techno giant Sven Väth was so taken by the pair’s music that he signed them to his iconic label, Cocoon Recordings, releasing their first EP, ‘Oh Yeah,’ back in 2005. Since then their global success has continued to rise with releases on acclaimed labels such as Slam's Soma, John Digweed's Bedrock, Monika Kruse's Terminal M and Richie Hawtin’s Plus 8. They’ve collaborated and remixed for some of the industry’s biggest names including Underworld, Deadmau5, John Digweed, and Innercity for their classic ‘Goodlife’. And it doesn’t stop there with new productions and collaborations for 2017, the guys are very busy indeed. We caught up with them before they jetted off to WMC Miami and their recent US tour.

The guys have a unique working structure, working out of each other’s studios, they can quickly turn around the essence of a track in a couple of hours. Equally at home vibe-in together at the start of a production, tinkering with sounds and ideas or independently doing their thing before sending over parts and or meeting up to progress the session.

Watching the guys work is quite revealing seeing how they interact, this duo work like a singular entity, like bees in a hive, knowing exactly what should come next, when and where, the speed of which they nail something down, be it sound creation, writing or the more technical side of the mix, both have their strengths which they play on when in the process. Pig and Dan surprisingly were more than happy to divulge some of their production and technical secrets to us on making tracks that really stand out on the dance floor which you can watch below in our latest ‘In the Studio’ video shoot.