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Ampify launch Groovebox - the portable studio for iPad & iPhone

Ampify launch Groovebox - the portable studio for iPad & iPhone

Make dancefloor ready tracks on your iPad

Groovebox is the new music production app from Ampify, the Novation backed team previously known as Blocs.

In essence, it's a portable and cost-effective music studio app for the iPhone and iPad which is packed full of cool sounding synths and drum machines.

Basically it's the grown up version of their previous app (Blocs) but with more music creation tools to enable producers to create tracks from start to finish.

Producers can expand upon the basic system with in app purchases, offering more sounds and instruments or soundpacks.

The cost of the in app purchases are pretty reasonable (£4.99 for instruments, £1.99 for soundpacks or presetpacks) so you can start with the free version and up-scale as and when you are ready.

The workflow is very simple. You can use the touchable instruments to quickly create beats and melodies, or draw in notes.

The cool thing about Groovebox is that it comes with hundreds of patterns and sounds to instantly get you started. Two powerful synthesisers, designed in partnership with Novation, deliver retro style basslines and analogue harmonic melodies. And there is a great little drum machine, with expanding drumkit library, that turns Groovebox into a pretty slick groovebox.

The sounds and tracks you create in the app can be easily exported to a laptop for further tweaking. And Abelton’s Link protocol (for syncing up other apps or hardware) is built in. 

See Groovebox in action in the video below.

Mick Wilson is DJ Mag’s Tech Editor. Follow him on Twitter here.